You can buy 5 of the best CES gadgets from CES 2022 right now.

Too LItter Box by Smarty Pear Leo

For $600, you may have Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Too Litter Box.

Automatic litter boxes, while handy, make it difficult for owners to keep track of their cat’s potty movements, which can be beneficial for detecting potential ailments, according to veterinarians. The Leo’s Loo Too tackles this problem by including a built-in sensor that monitors how often your cat goes, as well as its weight, and syncs the information to a companion app on your phone. Additional features include UV sterilization and radar to prevent the box from self-cleaning while your cat is around.

For $1800, you can get a Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector.

A projector isn’t something you’d carry around with you all the time, but Samsung wants it to be. Its Freestyle projector is designed to be portable; simply connect it to your laptop through USB-C or HDMI ports (or cast it using Android/iOS) and direct it towards any surface. This gadget is little but mighty, with a 1080p resolution, 360-degree speaker, and a screen that extends from 30 to 100 inches.

The Freestlye Portable Projector

$3,500 Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema Projector

Check out the Hisense PX1-Pro projector if you’re looking to improve your home theater projector. It has a 90 to 120-inch picture diameter, a 4K resolution, and a 60-Hz refresh rate for games. It also runs Android TV, which means you’ll have access to Google Assistant and a wide range of streaming apps.

$2,045 for NetGear Orbi Quad-band Mesh WiFi 6E Router System

The NetGear Orbi Quad-band Mesh WiFi 6E Router System is pricey, but it’s great for individuals with large homes. It supports the latest Wi-Fi 6E standard and offers combined speeds of 10.8 Gbps for a coverage area of up to 9,000 square feet.

Netgear ORBI WIfi System

$295 Skagen Falster Gen 6 Smartwatch

Skagen hasn’t produced a new version of its Falster smartwatch in two years. The new edition has a 42-mm case and is available in a variety of colors and designs (including the silver and espresso leather combo shown above). It uses Google’s Wear OS operating system and Qualcomm’s newest Wear 4100+ processor for longer battery life, increased performance, and better health tracking. It has the same internals as the Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch we reviewed last year, which you can read about in our Best Smartwatches guide. Later this year, it will receive the updated Wear OS 3 update.

Skagen Falster gen 6
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