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Sony Clie PEG-TJ37/U Handheld

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Palm OS version 5.2, i.MXL application processor, 32 MB RAM Built-in 310K Pixels CMOS Camera with 2x Digital Zoom (JPEG, 640 x 480 resolution), audio player, and video player High resolution TFT Color Display (320 x 320 dots, 65,536 colors) Integrated Memory Stick slot (compatible with optional Memory Stick Pro media) Internal lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery

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Sony Clie PEG-TJ37/U Handheld

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Specification: Sony Clie PEG-TJ37/U Handheld

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4.5 x 3 x 0.53 inches

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5 ounces



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#737,135 in Office Products (See Top 100 in Office Products) #196 in Handhelds & PDAs

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

February 9, 2004





10 reviews for Sony Clie PEG-TJ37/U Handheld

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  1. Jens Trauntvein

    This is the best PDA that I have ever owned. It had everything that I wanted when i bought it. This PDA is made very well and it is high quality. Compared to many other leading brand PDA’s this is farily small for it’s features. It’s camera is not for printing pictures but it is good for taking camera-phone quality pictures. It’s has a little speaker on the back for the various sounds it makes, but while you are using AreoPlayer (the program used to listen to MP3’s) the speaker is basically useless. The speaker is so tiny that it can’t get above 30 decibles. So if you are planning on using this for a MP3 Player then you will want to use headphones. Overall this is a very good PDA and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good, small, high quality PDA.

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  2. Susan Colvin

    My husband used to support the Microsoft Pocket PC products and they were buggy as heck. As part of his job he got them free. After all the aggrivation he had with his, he spent the money on his TJ37 and loves it. His HP product had to be hard reset every two weeks. He had several MS approved apps on the Pocket PC that had to be reinstalled, a 30-40 minute ordeal. A hard reset on a Pocket PC is similar to reformatting your hard drive. Hard resets also caused him to run out of validations on his ebooks. Contrast that to the TJ37. He’s never had to do a hard or soft reset on the Clie. Like a Timex watch, it takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin. He did try a hard reset on the Clie once, but everything returned when he synchronized the newly reset Clie with the PC. My husband’s associates at his firm asked advise on which palm device to purchase. He enthustically recommended the Clie, but his associates purchased Compaq’s at 50% off. Consequently, they’re having to perform hard resets, the alarms quit working, etc., yet my husband’s Clie just keeps plugging along.

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  3. Eduardo

    Only those who have not any intuition with technology can rate thi PDA low.The WiFi is just as powerful, stable and fast that makes this Clie work even better than many laptop computers with integrated antennas.Configuration was as easy as my old Zire 71 and the camera quality noticeable superior!Fip cover is useful and discret, you wont have problems being ready to use your PDA to enter some text, take a picture being protected all the time.Tho Palm OS5 works great under Sony’s hardware plus the Clie Navigation Bar that makes it even better.Light weight, elegant, compact, powerful and affordable! Tell me where you can find such a perfect combination?

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  4. Amazing.

    I bought the sony clie PEG-TJ37/U because I needed to connect to wireless internet and view word/excel/powerpoint/adobe acrobat files. The sony clie TJ37 has an excellent crisp & bright screen, one of the best on the market. It has an integrated WiFi card so you can browse wireless internet at a lot of “hot spots” these days. It’s very quick in loading websites and loads sites just like you would view them on a computer.When you purchase this sony clie, it comes with a free download called “documents to go” which is like having microsoft office on your PDA. You can view and edit word/excel/powerpoint files which is very handy in this day and age.It has a digital camera that takes amazingly good pictures. The pictures can be taken in 3 modes color/black and white/sepia.Overall, this PDA is like a laptop replacement for me. I can browse the web, check my e-mail, view and edit word/excel/powerpoint files play some pretty good games, organize everything and even take pictures! The only difference in this PDA and lugging around a 7 lb. laptop is that it doesn’t have a keyboard (which can be purchased) and you don’t have a CD-rom drive.The battery life is pretty good. If you go on the net to “browse” for a long period of time, you should be close to a power outlet. But if you’re just going to check news/stocks/e-mail it doesn’t eat too much battery.The price is truly a bargain. I looked into other PDA’s that have integrated WiFi cards and they were much more expensive, sometimes one or two hundered dollars more. The sony clie gives you everything you need, with exceptional sony quaility with a low price.

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  5. Racsan

    Thank you

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  6. JO

    Great Item A+++++

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  7. Lover of Fine Products and Good Reading

    This is really a fantastic PDA. It is a typical Sony that exudes quality through and through. I have the Sony desktop, and that served me well for 4 years…I’m using it to type this review. As with any fine machine, if you take care of this puppy, it will last. And like a fine wine, you will enjoy it while it lasts..perhaps 2, 3, or 4 more years. If you want cheap quality, or if you’re the type to bang things up (like in the Motorcycle Rally, or Monster Truck Race), then this fine well-crafted instrument is not for you. If you’re the type that knows how to use and maintain fine equipment (such as a porsche or Bentley) and don’t want to spend more than $200 to PDA, you should go with this beauty. I’ve owned so many PDAs, and Sony’s always tend to feel the most well crafted of all the machines. I think Palms come next, then HPs, next Handsprings, etc… If you buy one that is not a refurbished item, you should have no trouble with the battery life. It is easy to replace as well. Like a fine-tuned machine, you should carry it in a NICE leather or hard case. I love using the jog dial, listening to music, having a camera with a large screen, with a built in lens-cover…geez..with the Sony quality which is best for a PDA!!! And to beable to take advantage of WiFi hotspots from your pocket/purse without having to lug around a laptop…priceless!! For under $200, this has everything…this screams take me and never wish for more (unless you want to spend more). Funny, I never had any problems with the screen breaking due to heat in my toaster of a car… must be those darned Palm people leaving those sorts of reviews! Bah humbug! Oh yeah, I have a Sony laptop that is just a dream to own. A beautifully well-crafted thing! And no, I’m not from Sony…just a fan who’s benefitted from their products and superior factories / materials / craftsmenship. I had a Palm PDA, when it first came out, I like palms, but they just don’t feel as nice as a Sony Clie. Plus I wanted a camera included, you never know when the opportunity to snap a pic comes up: a beautiful bird, car accident documentation, emailing a pic to a friend to see if he likes something.

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  8. Kumar Mcmillan

    I read through many reviews on amazon before buying so I thought I would give my opinion on some of the issues. The two biggest complaints I saw were about the stylus being too small and the battery being too delicate. I was a little worries about the stylus because I write a lot (actually wore out my last palm’s writing surface), but I figured I would carry my own stylus. This was not necessary because the Clie stylus is great! I have no idea what the complaints were based on. It is a retractable stylus, meaning it is small when you remove it but it extends to the length of a normal, comfortable stylus. In fact, the design is very smart 🙂 As for the battery, mine works great — although I’ve only had the Clie a few weeks. however, I imagine that some people who were complaining about battery failure did not take care of the battery. Every lithium battery is delicate. The best way to preserve the life of your batter is to calibrate it once every 3 months. This means completely draining the battery down to 0 before charging it up again. if you don’t do this your battery life will become less and less over time. In conclusion, this is the best Palm I’ve ever used. It is snappy, runs 3rd party apps very well, has an easy to use launcher, nice graphics, camera takes nice pictures, wireless works great (although it supports limited encryption types), all in all a great purchase 🙂

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  9. Carlos Miquel

    Excelent and Good quality

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  10. TechMaster

    You may have read some of the other reviews here some criticizing this product. But face it, if you got a really good sony clie would you come back and review it? Well most people say no. But some people say yes. So only a small percentage of owners of sonly clie of people actually dont like this product. THIS PRODUCT TRULY IS THE BEST IF YOU KNOW HOW TO CARE FOR IT!!!Here are some key problems that are being complained about:Short batteryDelicate screenSmall stylusDigitizer problemsHere are solutions to all of them (it may cost up to $40 though):Short battery ~ If your palm has a short battery, dont think this is just a design problem. Your palm IS defected if you have batter drainage while the unit is off or short battery time.Delicate screen ~ Buy a case, it always works. (unless you drop it from 30 feet) The case also lets you fix the next problem:Small stylus ~ Use an old stylus or something and stick it in your case pocket. Now you have another stylus. (Hopefully a better one.)Digitizer problem ~ Same as Delicate screen… GET A GOOD CASE. One that fits your style but is also protective.Thanks for letting me explain how to fix these various problems.

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    Sony Clie PEG-TJ37/U Handheld
    Sony Clie PEG-TJ37/U Handheld


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