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Sony CLIE PEG-SL10 Handheld

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Palm OS software version 4.1 DragonBall VZ 33 MHz Internal memory 8 MB Backlit monochrome display, 320 x 320 pixels, 16 gray scale Includes two AAA alkaline batteries, protective cover, installation CD

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Specification: Sony CLIE PEG-SL10 Handheld

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4.13 x 2.88 x 2.03 inches

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4 ounces



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#706,037 in Office Products (See Top 100 in Office Products) #178 in Handhelds & PDAs

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Date First Available

July 22, 2002





10 reviews for Sony CLIE PEG-SL10 Handheld

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  1. D. Gaito

    The CLIE is an excellent value, especially before the beginner. I was nervous purchasing this because of the negative feedback, but the price was too right to pass up. Yes, the font is terrible, BUT there is a program (thin font fix) widely available for free on the Web. The font is more-than-sufficient with that program. I have had no problems with resets or anything else for that matter. I find the CLIE very user friendly, the battery lasts long (over two weeks of my normal use – mostly scheduling – – with nearly 80% battery life left) and it has all the programs and space that I’ll need.

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  2. J. Sierra

    I’ve owned 4 PDA’s in my time, and have had extensive experience with everything from a PalmPilot Professional (my first), to the Handspring Visor Edge (my most recent before the SL10). Here’s the scoop:It does everything that you need it to do. It handles all the software, has enough memory to hold all the dates and addresses you’re likely to need, and is *very* compact. It’s solidly built (unlike the Handspring units, which feel flimsy and fragile – and are flimsy and fragile), very light, and the interface is the standard Palm. It easily fits in a pocket unobtrusively, and is so light you can barely feel it in there.The jogwheel and back button are *ridiculously* amazing additions to the interface, and I can honestly say that while I thought it was kind of gimmicky in the past (the jogwheel has been featured on many Sony products), now that I’m using it, it’s downright indispensable. It allows for excellent one-handed operation.It’s b&w, but colour, in my experience, is pretty useless in a PDA (except to suck battery life). The screen is clear, crisp, high-res, and is clear in all lighting conditions. The backlight is also excellent, and provides clear operation in near-dark to dark conditions.Graffiti recognition seems to be enhanced, perhaps because of the higher-res screen. I find that there’s less backspacing (if at all), even when powering through notes. It comes with an excellent set of included software, most of which is utterly useless for the most part, but with a few gems (the drawing program is quite nice). Also, the memory-stick utilities are excellent.The memory-stick capabilities are also yet another compelling quality in this PDA. You really will be hard-pressed to use the 8mb of onboard RAM, but why pay more for 16mb when you have near-infinite storage? Very nice.All of this for around [price]. There’s simply nothing on the market that can compete at that price-point. Honestly, this PDA competes with *much* higher-priced units for sheer usability and convenience. It fills a niche for a disposable PDA; I’m not afraid to lose it or handle it (unlike a [price] PDA, where it’s a ritual to use, and you’re always afraid that it’ll break, or fall, or whatever.) If anything happens to it, your data is backed up and you simply pick up another one. At that price, it becomes a secondary data-retrieval device, much like a cel phone, instead of a high-priced toy.The only caveat is that it’s battery-operated (as opposed to the Lithium Ion rechargeables out there.) Personally, I’d prefer a rechargeable, but it adds a *lot* more weight, and the unit lasts a good two weeks with constant use, so it’s not bad.For an excellent PDA with functionality, convenience, and style, the SL10 is, in my opinion, the finest choice on the market. After a month of operation, I am both impressed and happy with my decision to purchase this unit.

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  3. Kenneth J. Kramer

    I have now had my new Sony PEG-SL10 for about 24 hours, and I have to say, overall, I am very impressed.This is my 2nd PDA – my first being a Handspring Visor Deluxe. I wanted something that had a somewhat better display and had better memory expandability. And while color would have been a nice feature to have, it was not something I needed to spend the extra money on.The hi-res display is really sweet !! Letters are no longer “blocky” looking. It just has a nicer, smoother look to it. The size & weight is fine for me – I’m not looking for something that will fit in my wallet – and its much smaller than my Visor anyway. The cover is adequate, and I may ultimately opt for a more protective case in the future. The buttons on the front are just fine (a little smaller than the standard Palm or Handspring buttons). Overall, this unit feels solid. I had read an article on another website where people were complaining that the touch screen on this unit wasn’t very responsive. Me personally, I did not find this to be the case (but this could be a subjective issue from person to person).But aside from the new hi-res display, what really drew me to this model was 1) the ability to use standard Sony Memory Sticks, and 2) the Jog Wheel & Back Button on the side – this was a brilliant move by Sony to add this to the unit. Its like using the scroll wheel on a mouse. You just scroll to the item you want selected, and then just press the wheel.My only criticism with this unit does have to do with the display. In a room with softer lighting, the display is a little hard to read. For me, this is minor because I don’t mind using the backlight feature. Yeah, using the backlight draws more battery power. But I always keep a healthy stock of batteries in my house anyway and won’t mind changing the batteries a little more often. And the display looks GREAT with the backlight on !! But I could see this being an issue with some people.Compare all the other PDA’s on the market in this price class. Personally, I don’t think any of them will come close to what you get with this Sony. This price class is typically for the “entry level” PDA. But I do not consider this Sony to be an “entry level” unit. BUT, before you buy this model, I do recommend seeing it firsthand to determine if the display is to your liking, because I can see some people NOT liking it.

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  4. J. Lara

    Sony continues to rock the entire PDA industy with its Clie line. Within weeks Sony introduced a low-end, mid-range and high-end unit in the SJ series. Other then price these units clearly target a particular consumer group. Its just a matter of weighing the features with the cost to determine which unit is best for you.With virtually the same number of models ever released as palm there is really no question about quality and reliability.As a matter of fact some may argue that despite the much larger share of Palm over Sony in terms of units sold, with the past year it has been Sony who has picked up the slack as the Industy leader in innovation. In an industry which is highly dependent on innovation, Sony has done more for PALM in the past year and a half then PALM has done for PALM in the 5 years that they have been around.Since all three units have identical exteriors I will review three at the same time. The buttons are a vast improvement from the T-series but may still pose as a problem with them being to close to each other. Otherwise the screen is terrific on all three and visual output is crisp whether monochrome or color. Hi-Res or 320×320 pixels is a huge improvement on palms 160×160 pixels. I may be exaggerating going back to 160×160 resolution is like going back to playing PONG on the Atari after playing Mario Brothers on the Nintendo.In terms of battery life the SJ-10 and SJ-20 will give you a week’s worth of battery life while the SJ-30 will give you 3-4 solid days of typical use before requiring a recharge. Although clie’s are known to have slightly less battery life as its Palm counterparts, it certainly makes up for it with its screen.Preference is really what will dictate which unit is best for you. If color is not important and all you need to do is input dates, contacts and notes then the SJ-10 will fit the bill. But if you need to do all those things plus games, documents and to view web clippings then the SJ-20 might be better suited for your needs.This series is a great addition to the clie line with a unit for virtually everyone. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

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  5. T. Cooper

    Best[not too expensive] hand held on the market. If you are a college student, or just not looking to spend the [money]on the model that can do your taxes, get this one.

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  6. D. Thomas

    For [the price] you cannot go wrong with this PDA. Although it only has 8 meg RAM, the 320×320 display is considerably sharper than the display on the more expensive Clie’s and Palm’s with more memory. It’s small size allows it to fit perfectly within a shirt or pants pocket, something I could never do with my Pocket PC. Although it lacks MP3 ability the price difference from the Clie’s with MP3 capability is enough that you can buy a seperate MP3 player and still have money left over for a good memory stick. This PDA also “feels” more sturdy than Palm’s models of similar price. If you are looking for a great PDA at a low price then this is the one for you.

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  7. Heather

    I’ve used the SL10 since almost the day it came out, after testing the Clie NR70V and other high-end handhelds, and I appreciate the features packed into this affordable device.The 320×320 resolution makes it possible to carry decent black-and-white photos with the included image apps, and its processor is fast enough to handle most tasks. Like most PalmOS 4.x-based machines, it drags on high-intensity apps like XMap Street Atlas USA.I bought this machine because of its low price tag (considering its specs) and the fact that it still took AAA batteries. I’m awful about remembering to recharge my devices, so I appreciate being able to pop into a drug store when my charge is running low. The batteries don’t last as long as they did in my Palm III or IIIx, but then I’m asking this one to do a lot more, too, and I’m a heavy alarm user. I typically get 2-3 weeks out of a single pair.This is not a PDA with all the cutting-edge bells and whistles, but it’s a solid business machine at a price that won’t make you feel guilty for upgrading more often. The included software has some good apps along with the junk. I highly recommend it.

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  8. Sb129

    In this day and age (2015) almost anything from at least 10 years ago with internal rechargable batteries will be degraded either slightly or fully (dead)I recently dug up my old Palm IIIe and with some new batteries it was as good as the day I first got itI wanted a battery powered Palm PDA with expandable memory so my options were Handspring (Visor solo/Deluxe/Neo), the Palm 125 and the Sony Clie SL10 (there are others in the Clie line but this had 320×320)So I just bought all of them. I had been wanting this model since I was in junior high and now that i have it, it’s better than I hoped.Much better backlight than the inverted one of Palm, high-res (for the time) screen that still doesn’t dissappoint today, expandable memory, great built in applications and some tweak by Sony that honestly Palm OS should have by defaultonly gripe is the screen seems dim indoors without the backlight, and that of course eats battery, but w/e. It’s still very unique to have with you in day to day life.

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  9. michael drohan

    this is my first pda, and i’m glad i bought it. i’ve played around w/ my friends handspring visor before, and am glad i went for the clie rather than it. The clie’ feels more solid than the handspring. I really like it’s compact size, as it is about the size of my wallet, and slips into my pocket with room to spare. what also drew me to buying the clie, is that i already have a sony digital camera, so i already had somthing with memory stick capabilities, and it is great to share images between them on the stick. i was impressed by the resolution of the display. And about the comment that it isn’t “backlit,” that is false. Although the backlight is hard to see during the daylight, why would u need it during the day anyways? but in dark rooms, it is a significantley bright green glow behind it, sufficing perfect lighting for use.this is a great buy, compared to its competition. it also came with great software, including an ebook reader, road atlas, diet organizer, microsoft documents to go, and other useful programs.I’ve had only limited difficulties with the clie. For some reason, when i connect it to my computer via the usb cable, it does not recognize that i have a memory stick in my pda, resulting in my having to connect my digital camera (w/ the memory stick in it) in order to store anything on the memory stick. This could be my problem, but i havn’t been able to find a way to fix it. Also, I havn’t used the jog dial all that much, mainly because i am a lefty and it is somewhat difficult to use with the fingers of my right hand, compared to the thumb of my left, but it is a good invention for the right handed user.overall, this is a great buy. i have not been dissapointed.

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  10. salvia06

    I have been considering adding PEG-SL10 to a Sony Clie Sl-S360 that I bought two months ago. The S360 worked fine, in fact, as perfect as it comes. The memory stick is great, especially if you have other Sony equipment that uses it. However, after two months of use it all of a suddent went dead. The usual tricks like resetting, etc. failed to revive it, and Sony technician had me send it for service to Sony, express mail and all paid by the warranty. 3 weeks later, it came back — dead as when I sent it back to them, though accompanied with a slip saying it had been tested and worked fine. I am senign it back again. Imagine being without your phone book and pocket calendar for a month! This is totally unacceptable. I wonder if other manufacturers are any better. I’ve looked at other manufacturers’ sites. They seem to keep mum about it, and so does CNET. The only soluiton I can imagine is the “Jaguar” method: buy two. So, I bought PEG-SL10. What an excellent machine! All the functions have a large font option (small, medium, large) which makes for the best possible screen — once the backlighting is turned on (you need it in dim light). The fact that it has 8 MB rather than 16, as SL360, isn’t that important for me or anyone, unless you plan to show movies, keep a photo gallery or read an ebook version of Moby Dick. In short, an excellent little PDA.

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    Sony CLIE PEG-SL10 Handheld
    Sony CLIE PEG-SL10 Handheld


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