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Sony CLIE PEG-NR70V Handheld PDA

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Built-in digital camera for taking photos on the go; save files on optional Memory Sticks High-resolution reflective color display includes front lights for excellent visibility indoors and outdoors Built-in MP3 audio player; includes stylish headphones and remote control 16 MB memory, 66 Mhz processor What’s in the box: Clie handheld, Headphones, Audio remote controller, USB HotSync cradle, AC adapter, Stylus, installation CD-ROM, application guide

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Specification: Sony CLIE PEG-NR70V Handheld PDA

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5.5 x 2.8 x 0.68 inches

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1 pounds



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#697,151 in Office Products (See Top 100 in Office Products) #175 in Handhelds & PDAs

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March 27, 2002



10 reviews for Sony CLIE PEG-NR70V Handheld PDA

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  1. Ken Rosenfeld

    I was fortunate to get the NR70 when my Clie NC memory stick socket broke, and Best Buy told me to pick out a new Clie! (Sony wouldn’t fix the older model.)I really like the clamshell design – my screen stays protected, and the varying options of setting up the display are useful. For example, while at a table, it is nice to have the clamshell open. When reading on an airplane, it is nice to have it flipped and closed.The only complaint I have is what others have said. Not having the date/address book/to do/memo buttons accessible when the Clie is flipped and closed is a bit of a pain.The screen is awesome. Great clarity and color. The best is the experience reading books. Palm’s new book reader (used to be Peanut Press) now uses the whole Clie screen. Having the Clie flipped and closed, you can turn pages with the jog dial, and reading from the Clie is a nice experience. I prefer it now to reading from a regular book. Better yet, you can start up some music, and listen at the same time.I am looking forward to more apps that use the full Clie screen.The price is a bit steep – but I didn’t feel the camera was necessary. I am enjoying this Palm-compatible device more than any previous model I have owned (I have had Palms since the Palm Personal days.)

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  2. JaidBookworm

    I was looking for a new PDA to replace my outdated, stuffed-to-the-brim, b&w handheld. When I just happened on Sony’s site and saw the PEG-NR70V – Bam! – Love at first sight!The clamshell design is wonderfully different and the hi-res color, 180 degree rotating screen will make you the envy of everyone in the room. Games, pictures and even movies (!) look marvelous on the large crystal-clear display.Those “gee, I wish I had a camera on me” moments will be no more. The built in camera takes decent pics on the fly. You can even edit them with the CliePaint app.The 66mhz Processor makes your apps fly and the more the merrier with the 16mb of internal memory. Considering that the Clie also supports Memory Stick expansion, you’ll always have room for that must-have application, or your collection of MP3s. Listen to musuc on the train as you read your synched morning newspaper with the AudioPlayer software and included earphones with remote!If you must have the latest and greatest, then the Clie NR70v is definately for you. I’ve had no problems with mine and love the stares!

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  3. carrerascott

    Leave it to Sony to design the best PDAs! Based on the Palm OS, the CLIE PEG-NR70V is easy to use and easy to look at. Beautiful display, clear crips colors, built-in MP3 and built-in camera. The camera is more for the “cool” effect rather than being that useful, but worth the extra $100 or so for the fun of it.This is larger than some PDAs, so if a tiny PDA is your thing — this isn’t for you. But with the size you get a real QWERTY keyboard, digital camera, LARGE color swivel screen, MP3 player, and much more.I can’t recommend this item enough — enjoy!!

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  4. Ouida Watson

    My favorite gadget is my Clie. It includes camera, mp3 player, and universal remote control. It is very sturdy and takes abuse quite well (I’ve dropped mine several times). Pictures are really good and the color display makes Bejeweled even more addicting.

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  5. MJ

    I’ve been a big fan of Sony’s Palm devices since the 710C came out…truly a superb device that I’ve enjoyed for a long time. Now that the NR70V can be found for less than it was originally released for, I decided to try it out. And I haven’t been disappointed in the least! This is truly a head-turning PDA. Let’s look at some highlights:1. Awesome screen. No device of any kind can rival the 320×480 screen of this Clie. Colors are vivid and bright. One issue is the shading at the top of the screen, particularly noticeable when you first get it. Not so bad once you are used to it.2. Virtual graffiti. The first color Palm to feature this. Very nicely implemented, shows your graffiti strokes as you write. Even better, you can customize the graffiti area with other skins. I love the Fitaly keyboard and use this. The negative is that Sony did not upgrade the standard apps to allow for fullscreen. However, a lot of add-on applications do make use of this capability now, and it is really awesome to see. Full screen launchers, datebooks, file managers, games, image viewers, ebook readers, and more are available.3. Built-in camera. The resolution is not the best, but what a great feature to have! I look forward to new Clies that have even better cameras, but for the price, I’m not complaining at all about this one. It allows you to save the photos to the memory stick, and you can save in either the PictureGear format, or as a jpg (my preference).4. MP3 player. Again, something that is not easy to find on Palms. I had this on my 710C and it really was pretty good. Turn off the screen, and enjoy! I just wish it would handle WMAs as well as MP3s.5. Add-on software. Some really nice additional software. The remote control software is great, I was able to set up most of my devices without a hitch (would like to have a Tivo control as well though). Gmovie is kind of [bad], I’d recommend getting Kinoma player instead. The sound utility program does the job. Did I mention the improved sound on this device is awesome?! Much better than the typical Palm bleeps and blips.6. Flip Screen. Takes a little getting used to. Not sure how much I will use the extra keyboard, and the keys are not the best… but overall did not have too much problem with it. Again, it’s a real head-turner when people see it and the design is what allows for that large, lovely screen.7. Memory. 16 Meg of Ram (15 available) is very nice to have. Don’t be fooled by PPCs that have more, 15 meg on a Palm lets you add a TON of stuff! Add a 128 meg memory stick (or 2 or 3) and you can load up on Palms apps and games till the cows come home. I’d prefer SD cards since they go higher than 128 meg and are more compact, but if using this nice machine means being stuck with Sony’s [bad] MS, I can live with that. I would like more Flash memory free, although there are programs that let you free some up (somewhat dangerous and voids the warranty).8. Speed. Twice as fast as other OS 4 Palm devices with decent battery life still. You won’t be waiting for stuff to happen on this one!9. OS 4. Okay, the OS 5 devices are out, and the new Sonys look very cool, the Tungsten too. But you won’t have any compatibility problems on this one. And you won’t pay as much. I personally prefer to wait and let other people be the beta testers for OS 5 and wait for the next round of devices, and give developers time to upgrade their applications.Overall, this is truly a ground-breaking device, not just forPalms, but all PDAs. The design, the built-in camera, sounds, speed, lots of memory all make it well worth considering.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I had a difficult time on finding my 2nd PDA.I wanted to get a color screen this time.So,.. my final choices were Ipaq 3835 and NR70v.Since I’m a student, I wanted to buy something reasonable.If you get ipaq, you have to buy additional device or you are stuck with 64MB. It’s not running Palm OS. and expensive.So I bought NR70v and I love it.Some people say camera is stupid but I really love this camera.And most of time, I use it as the mirror. It works great!Sony included great softwares. You can put small movie files, mp3s, and pictures. You can use this PDA as a remote control or digital picture frame. You also get a keyboard. Yes, it’s little small but not a big problem.Sometimes it freezes completely so you have to reset. It happens rarely but it does happen sometime. It’s the only complain I have on this PDA.Get a 128MB memorystick too! You need more than internal 16MB. Trust me.

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  7. london

    Once, years ago, I had proclaimed, “I could never use a PDA; I’d always be worried about running out of batteries or losing the information. Good old paper organizers are enough for me.” That was then. A while later, while sorting through all my Post-It notes and hand “archiving” them into the back pocket of my fabric organizer, I decided to look into PDAs. Couldn’t I keep a typed list of things to do without straining for hours to decipher my hasty handwriting on yellow bits of paper? Wouldn’t it be nice to put an organizer that weighed a few ounces into my bag instead of the one I had which was quickly reaching the weight of a brick? Being a student, I wanted something reliable that also scored exceptionally well in the “coolness” section. My first inclination was to go with a Palm Pilot – after all, they’re everywhere, right? Palm this, Palm that. Celebrities swear by them according to a few magazines, ads show off shiny new models all the time, and “Palm Pilot” seems to have become synonymous with the word “PDA.” That’s it, I had decided. I’m going with a Palm m100 or m105 (a decision purely determined by price); the next day, I said, “That’s it, I’m going with the Handspring Visor (the decision purely determined by the cool case colors).Little did I know that seeing a PDA on the web is very different from seeing a PDA in person. Like supermodels and magazine covers, most photos of PDAs seem to go through this “retouching” phase thanks to Adobe. When I saw the Palms, I was immediately disappointed; the screens were barely visible to me. When I saw the Handsprings, I was again disappointed; the supposedly vibrant “colors” turned out to be rather dull and unimpressive. After asking others for their opinions, I was told that the Sony Clié was the best way to go. The Sony what? I had never even heard that Sony was in the PDA business. A sales guy showed me the Sony Cliés – it was instant love. I first purchased the Sony T-615, a perfectly competent model that did everything I hoped it would; until, that is, the NR-70V came out. As someone who loves the latest and greatest, I traded it in for the newest model. A built-in keyboard? Better resolution? A camera? I was sold! Of course, there were those who jealously defended their Palm Pilots, insisting that Palms were the best in this and that, that Sonys can’t even touch what they had. Well, I was already taken by the Sony. I now laugh that I went from the… 150 m100 or m105 to the… NR-70V. What a leap!I had just returned from a summer vacation to Thailand. I always use a vacation as a diagnostic test on how effective an electronic device is. Why? Because while at home I am gingerly handling the device, careful not to scratch it, afraid of wasting the batteries, terrified of using it too much; while on vacation, however, thrown into, ironically, hectic situations (handling airline schedules, quickly converting currencies in line at the store, checking world times before flights, bringing up dictionaries to haggle with store owners), I am forced to break out the device to apply it to life situations. In Thailand, the PDA never left my side. Carefully protected in its Brando leather case, I used it for everything (see parentheses above). I even took pictures with it. Be careful to note, however, that the camera on this device is not top quality; they’re pictures you take for fun, not ones you take to print out brilliant photos later. So, if you do want to take digital pictures on vacation, be sure to bring a capable camera. However, there’s great value in having a camera with you all the time. The camera is great for taking quick photos when you don’t have the time to whip out your digital camera (or even when you forget to bring it). “I wish I had a camera with me!” Well, now you do.A variety of programs can also make your NR-70V even more useful. BugMe! is a program that is designed like Post-It notes (you know, the pieces of paper I used to have all over the place pre-PDA); you just tap the icon on your device, bring up a new “sheet,” and use your stylus to write right on the screen in your own handwriting. A great program for those who don’t want to use Graffiti or type on the cumbersome mini-keyboard. Another program called Energy Dimmer is great for automatically dimming the backlight of your PDA after a number of seconds. If you are going to use this PDA for typing up notes, keeping the backlight on will drain the batteries quickly (along with using intensive programs such as games). Download this program so it will dim when it is idle, thus saving you batteries and the trouble of turning the device on and off every few minutes.After visiting three airports, countless stores and restaurants, and many scenic sights, I have to say that this is the best PDA on the market. There are several good reviews out there that contain more technical jargon than I’ve provided here; I just hope this review has been helpful for those seeking a more “day-to-day” review. Some more specific points and tips to help you decide:* The button placements are not ideal. They are awkward, requiring one to reach in and push into the heart of the PDA.* The built-in keyboard is not very user friendly. The buttons are small; not much of a relief from using the Graffiti. It is a pain to capitalize and use numbers. I recommend getting the newly released PEGA-KB11 keyboard. It’s a fold-out and full-sized keyboard that allows you to type as though you are on a laptop.* If you want to use the camera instead of a digital camera (meaning these are just fun photos, not to be printed at great quality), use it with plenty of light, as there is no flash included. I took photos of some people in my tour group – one in a dark restaurant, the other in a bright restaurant – the difference is great. You can take pictures of people with this and insert the thumbnail photo in your address book.* The MP3 player, in my opinion, is not very useful. First of all, you need a special white memory stick (different from the blue ones) to store the files. The price can add up. The design of this PDA is also a bit bizarre, so it’s not really convenient to use it as a music player.* The screen resolution is the best on the market right now. Some PDA screens will become almost unreadable with the backlight off; the Sony is still readable (with some reasonable ambient light) without the backlight.* Be sure you can live with the clamshell design. Many people find this design awkward and unnecessary. Personally, I think it gives the PDA a “mini laptop” feel and plenty of versatility. You can sit it open like a laptop, flip the screen over like a spiral notebook, et cetera.* If you don’t want to use the cradle to charge or hotsync, purchase a cable that’ll allow you to charge and hotsync via your computer (using the USB slot).In conclusion, the Sony Clié NR-70V is a great buy if you know it’ll be compatible with your needs. It is always with me, and many programs and add-ons can enhance the experience. This is your all-in-one device: an organizer, a camera, a currency converter, a laptop, a photo gallery, a subway map, your international watch, a music player, a remote control, a movie player, etc. After having this for a few months, I can’t believe I ever preferred a paper organizer over this. This is definitely everything you want it to be.

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  8. Erica Ford

    As you know, PDAs keep getting better and better so it would be foolish to say this is the best PDA. But for right now, the PDA is great, and at some point, if you don’t have a PDA, you’re going to have get one, so why not get a good one. The keyboard is not great for big thumbs, but it’s better than graffiti, and Sony does a great job of integrating the Palm OS with its memory stick. With a video camera it’s great for taking quick pictures. Granted the camera is not as good as digital cameras but it’s good for those quickies that you need in a hurry and forgot to buy a disposable.

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  9. Jonah K.

    This PDA kicks [rear]! I’ve been waiting for about a year to replace my Palm V and saw this model at a party and had to have it. Sony has sone a great job coming up with ways to make the platform better that I would never have thought of. Example: when you write on the grafitti area, the Clie traces your stroke, to show you briefly what you’ve written, so that if you’re consistantly writing a letter wrong, you’ll see why. Don’t like grafitti? No problem. The integrated keyboard is as easy to use as a blackberry or any of the small attachable keyboards currently available. The screen is bright and sharp, the mp3 sound is as good as my mp3 player, and the photo and video is sharp as well. The third-party software is easy to install fun, and easy to use as well. It uses the same Palm desktop as my old PalmV and so I was able to transfer all my old data with no sweat.The memory stick works just like an external drive when the unit is in its cradle, so it’s a snap to transfer files, music, pictures back and forth from my PC. You don’t even have to hotsync.The camera is actually useful, although it has no flash or adjustable shutter.If I have any complaints it’s that it doesn’t go as long on a single charge as my Palm did, but then, my old Palm didn’t have an MP3 player and camera running down the battery, and, to be really petty, the stylus is very thin and not as comfortable to hold as the Palm’s. I’m not usually one to jump on the first new technology as soon as it hits, but this is just too cool not to have.

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  10. JO

    Great Item A+++++

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    Sony CLIE PEG-NR70V Handheld PDA
    Sony CLIE PEG-NR70V Handheld PDA


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