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Sennheiser HD 450SE Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone with Alexa Built-in – Active Noise Cancellation, 30-Hour Battery Life, USB-C Fast Charging, Foldable – Black


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Bluetooth 5. 0 technology for effortlessly reliable connectivity including AAC and AptX Low Latency codec support Active noise cancellation for uninterrupted listening pleasure 30-hour battery life with USB-C fast charging Intuitive controls including Virtual Assistant button for Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant Sennheiser App support providing an equalizer, Podcast Mode and Firmware updates

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Sennheiser HD 450SE Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone with Alexa Built-in – Active Noise Cancellation, 30-Hour Battery Life, USB-C Fast Charging, Foldable – Black

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Sennheiser HD 450SESennheiser HD 450SE

About Sennheiser

Sennheiser is shaping the Future of Audio – a vision built on a 75-year history of innovation and a continued drive for excellence that is woven into our company’s DNA and culture. Around the world, our employees share this passion in the pursuit of the perfect sound, creating products that exceed expectations and set new benchmarks in audio.

Meet the HD 450SE Wireless Headphone

Step up to great wireless sound with the new HD 450SE with Alexa from Sennheiser.

Thanks to a combination of active noise cancellation, advanced Bluetooth technology and 30-hour battery life, this versatile wireless headset is your companion for enjoying better audio. And with Alexa, access to music, podcasts or audiobooks is easy.

Whether listening to a podcast or on the go with your favorite song, the new HD 450SE delivers superior sound quality – whatever you listen to.

Sennheiser HD 450SESennheiser HD 450SE

Sennheiser HD 450SESennheiser HD 450SE

Sennheiser HD 450SESennheiser HD 450SE

Sennheiser HD 450SESennheiser HD 450SE

Active Noise Cancellation

Thanks to Sennheiser’s active noise cancellation and a closed-back design, the HD 450SE delivers captivating sound that can be enjoyed without distraction – even in a loud environment.

Superior Sound

Created to deliver a superior sound experience with deep dynamic bass. Exceptional quality is assured by high-quality wireless codec support, including AAC and AptX, with AptX Low Latency to keep audio perfectly in sync with on-screen action when watching videos.

Perfect Travel Companion

A great companion for travel, the HD 450SE has a superb 30-hour battery life with fast USB-C charging, a Voice Assistant button for Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant interaction, and a robust folding design for take-anywhere durability.

Personalize Your Sound

The free Sennheiser Smart Control App (available on Apple & Android devices), with selectable sound modes, allows you to tailor the sound experience to your travel playlist.

Besides battery status and firmware updates, the app features a podcast mode that optimizes podcasts’ intelligibility, audiobooks, and other speech content.

Specification: Sennheiser HD 450SE Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone with Alexa Built-in – Active Noise Cancellation, 30-Hour Battery Life, USB-C Fast Charging, Foldable – Black

Product Dimensions

7.68 x 3.94 x 9.13 inches

Item Weight

8.5 ounces



Item model number

HD 450SE Black


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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#198 in Over-Ear Headphones

Date First Available

April 20, 2021



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10 reviews for Sennheiser HD 450SE Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone with Alexa Built-in – Active Noise Cancellation, 30-Hour Battery Life, USB-C Fast Charging, Foldable – Black

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  1. sandt38

    I own a set of HD650s and play them on Woo tubes, so I understand solid cans. I use some 7.1 Razers for gaming, some Senn Momentum on ears for short hops and travel, and grabbed these for listening to the TV. So my goal was really a small target, and I didn’t need perfect cans. No, these are not the greatest set, but I didn’t pay for, or buy them for that.These connect pretty well. While they are not exceptionally resolving, they do a good job. Perhaps they could be more detailed, but they easily meet my expectations. They are full, with a solid bottom end. The ear pads could be a bit bigger, and they hold a little tight to your head, but they aren’t horrible.Overall they are a great compromise for my use. I grabbed them to watch TV when others are asleep. There may be better all around cans, but I cannot say because I didn’t grab them for that. For the black Friday price, these are really awesome cans. They checked all my boxes, and while I don’t praise them as the best in my review, they are really great overall for the money. Hey, they sound better than my kid’s old Beats did.

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  2. John Zwiebel

    I sometimes listen to my iPhone, sometimes to my Mac. With other headphones (and other Bluetooth products in general) getting them to switch sources was always an enormous hassle. These just switch without problems.I don’t know about the Noise cancelling because the on/off button is used to turn N/C on and off. You’re suppose to push it once to turn it on and once again to turn it off. However, there’s no LED and no voice feedback telling me it is on or off. I haven’t been able to try them out in a noisy environment yet.The over the ear works much better than the Sony headset I had because it creates a much tighter seal, almost as good as the 3M Works headset I have.The controls are all on the right side and are different enough in size and shape that they aren’t difficult to be sure you have the right one. I don’t use Siri unless I’m trying to get her to give me navigation instructions on a long trip (and I can’t tell you how many times that hasn’t worked out so well), but the assistant button is easy to locate for those of you who do. Answering a phone call and hanging up was pretty easy as well.My Sony headphones just stopped charging for no reason about 3 days after the 1 year warrantee expired. I’ve not been happy with any Sony products for quite some time now.

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  3. marc

    These headphones are very good. 30 hour battery life, ANC, low latency, comfortable build. I am going to address most of the complaints in others reviews.The Active noise cancellation is great for a $150 headphones, but high price headphones from microsoft, or sony, or bose that’s probably 200-400 dollars will blow these out of the water. But it does work, and it does block out noises. Most effectively: repeating noise like that of a car or a train or an airplane or air conditioners, etc. It blocks out voices, but not that much. You can definitely hear others when your not listening to anything.The sound quality can also be thrown out when considering other headphones. Sennheiser creates headphones with the best sound quality, but this pair of headphones wasn’t really created for that. It has every quality a good $150 dollar wireless headphones has, that a lot of other headphones don’t have. So you can’t really say it sucks, because it has a different purpose. However, the sound still rocks. It’s so clear and precise. The best bang for your buck if you’re a casual listener that doesn’t want to spend too much.Battery life is one of the best so nuff said really.I have not experienced hissing sounds and the music quality is very very great. I have experienced bad sounds/ hiss when the audio jack is not properly attached though. The audio cable needs to be inserted in a specific way. If it isn’t you will experience what a $1 headphones sounds like.Latency is definitely there even if the product claims low latency. It’s manageable, but it still is very noticeable.It has a light build and is smaller than expected. As some claim its ear cups and headband are too small, it fits nicely with me, and it isn’t even fully adjusted yet. I think most people would like it. If you have a big head/ears though, don’t waste your money and time ordering these. I can wear this for hours though.The free case is small, if you travel a lot and have some extra cash to burn, I’d suggest ordering something to go with these.The worst problem for me is the comfort-ability while wearing glasses. Better than most earphones though so I won’t complain.Definitely 4/5 stars for most casual listeners

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  4. Coz

    I wanted a good sounding wireless headphone. These did the job for me. If the music has deep bass then you will hear it. I like headphones that have a flat frequency response. I want to hear the music as it is, not how some headphones makes extra bass. I like the fit and I do not agree these are not over the ear. To get a good fit I move them side to side over my ears to get the best fit/sound for me. I can listen for many hours and no pain on the ears. The battery does have a long life before needing a recharge. I tried with and without ANC and it sounds good on both. When it is off the sound had a wider frequency response. I like how it folds and I know it comes with a soft case and I bought the LTGEM hard case. I did not buy or use these to use on phone calls so no info how good that works. As far as the ANC it works for the little testing I did. Just around the house. I do notice a difference with outside noise. Noise cancellation is solid, but not class-leading like the $$$ wireless headphones. The BT works with all my devices and the type C charging is another plus. No regrets.

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  5. Dennis Friedman

    Was have a very hard time getting them counted. I found out that they won’t work till after registered. Some bozo put the sticker on the bottom of the box covering up the serial number, and I need to apdf or jpg file, copy of my emailed purchase for proof, I tried doing a pdf of the email of my purchase, and I tried making a copy of my purchase at Amazon, and neither of them would, so I tried calling tech support, and they closed at 7:00 I hope all of you have an easier than meUpdate (9/25/21) What I said above was wrong; I only needed the USB dongle for the wireless.When I plugged that in, that was all it needed. after that, everything I wanted was perfect the sound, really great bass music, and has good long-range, I live in a mobile home, and this was the first time I had anything reach my bathroom which was though two rooms and was about a 30 ft. when the battery starts getting low you can charge them and use them at the same time.One bad thing is that the earpiece is glued on, so if you have large ears, don’t buy these.

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  6. SomeGuy

    Updated Review #4 11/10/2021Still working great after almost a year now, still comfortable. Still 5 stars. I use them every night for several hours. Still holds a long charge.Updated Review #3 5/27/2021Still working great, I love these things. Paid a little less than $100. Holds a charge great. Never drops the signal. Ever. I use them every night to watch movies and they’re fantastic.I am no longer bothered by the ear cups no matter how I wear them. Maybe they softened up a little. These are bad ass!Updated Review #2 1/29/2021Okay I got these headphones to fit comfortably. I hope I can explain this. Back to 5-stars.I put the headphones on, then I swivel the cups forward, like putting more pressure near my temple (front of the ear), and less pressure on the back part of the ear (that sticks out from my head).The mistake is trying to fit them evenly over my ear, or flat against my head. At least for me. The cups are simply too small (they should be bigger!). Making this adjustment makes them fine for hours. I have no discomfort and the sound quality is not changed at all.I still think the narrow ear design is flawed (I believe I said “stupid” earlier), but the sound quality and price I paid keep these at 5 stars.And I repeat, for better and louder sound on a PC, I recommend the FREE “Equalizer APO”. It EQ’s all sounds coming from your computer to the headphones and speakers. Also download another free program called “Peace” to control the EQ easier. Way easier.Updated Review 1/19/2021These are uncomfortable after prolonged use. I can watch a movie, but after that it is sometimes a bit painful. The ear pads are poorly designed and I am looking to replace them. They are too narrow, I really don’t understand why they were designed this way.Just looking at them tells you they are not made to fit over the ear of a human being. I just don’t see how you can screw up that part of a headphone design. It’s dumb.I paid $99 for these less than two months ago, now they are $146. If I’d paid $146 I would definitely return them, but for the price I paid I’m hoping I can find better ear pads instead. They sound great and I like everything else about them.I also may have found a way of positioning them so that they are more comfortable, but seriously why should I have to? I shouldn’t even know I’m wearing them after a few minutes. What a stupid design.————————-This is my first pair of wireless headphones and I am very happy with them.They sound so much better than the cheap wired ones I usually get, and I used to think they were pretty good! I didn’t know what I was missing before. Now I can re-watch some movies with incredible sound!I can see why some people will find the ear cup padding uncomfortable. I may end up replacing them, but if I adjust them over my ears right then I really don’t have any problems. They could be a little wider though and I do have to move them a little sometimes. This is the only issue that could remove a star from my review, but like I said, so far I’m fine with it so all stars are intact.The sound is very clear and they do a good job covering the entire frequency range. I use Equalizer APO for my Windows machine, so whatever I run through the speakers or headphones is custom EQd. That makes a giant difference!The battery life kicks butt! They last so long I forget to recharge them. it’s just not something I have to do very often :)For the first few weeks I could hit the center of the volume “rocker” button and it would tell me how much battery life I had left. I can’t get that to work anymore. No biggie though. It will warn me if there is less than 12 hours left anyways when I turn them on.The noise cancellation works well. But really the full cup nature of these headphones deal with most noise without the need of electronics. If I wear these with no sound playing I can’t hear much in the way of noise.I could do without the button that handles the track skipping and pausing. I sometimes hit it instead of the volume by mistake and my movie starts over from the beginning. I use a mouse for that stuff so I don’t need it. I just take an extra moment to make sure I don’t do that. Maybe I can put some tape over it. A lot of people like this feature so I’m probably in the minority.I paid about $99 for these and I am very happy. They could be louder on the phone though, but my music app has a volume boost that I can use. On the PC I can make them as loud as I want.I love not tripping over the wire of my old headphones anymore, or rolling over the wire with my chair. Such an annoyance! Wireless is awesome!The sound quality is very good. Wireless headphones downsample the audio before streaming to your ears, but with these I can’t tell. They are also HD in that regard – they transmit a higher quality sound. And if you’re really picky you can plug them in with the cord and get full sound. I can’t tell the difference.I had to buy a Bluetooth adapter so I got one here at Amazon. get Bluetooth 5! I had an issue getting all this to work, but once I figured it out they work great.I did a ton of research before buying these. I look forward to watching movies and listening to music more now. I highly recommend them, they are awesome!

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  7. Jeff Casperson

    The sennheiser HD450 BT is the successor to the 4.50. it’s an improvement in every way.Comfort.The 450 BT has a thin headband but it never dug into my head at all. This is all plastic but it’s well constructed and folds to a very compact size. The one thing i wish is that the earcups were a smidge wider, but i can think of a number of people i know and who i had try these headphones on, of varrying builds and none of them felt comfort was an issue. Truthfully it isn’t anything i can’t live with and i am nitpicking, but also comparing to other headphones i own.The headphones charge via USB-C and also have an analog cable with a 2.5 MM plug for the headphones, and a 3.5 MM for your headphone jack.The codecs they support are SBC, AAC, APTX and APTX-LL. The latter is designed to sync the audio from a TV or movie with what you see on screen.Note; IPHONES AND IPADS DO NOT SUPPORT THIS FEATURE.noise canceling. The headphones do well illiminating the whirring from AC units, busses etc, but with Air Conditioners for example, you’ll still hear the fan noise, though it will be reduced. These also don’t block voices very well, though they passively block them out enough so that with music playing at low-medium volumes and higher of course, you likely won’t hear any of these noises well. There are headphones that cost double who’s ANC is not as good as the Sennheiser HD450 BT.Sound. You can customize the sound via the Sennheiser Smart Control app, available on IOS and Android, via a dot EQ. The eq implementation is 2 stars only because i am able to get a sound i enjoy with these and other Sennheiser products i have which also use the Smart Control app, but from a programming and customization standpoint, it earns a solid half a star.By default the sound has an emphasis on bass in all it’s forms, but these are not muddy by any means. The mids are full and the treble is rolled off slightly, but fortunately all this can be refined to some degree with the eq. Theres still a veil to the sound if i compare them to higher priced models like the NAD Viso HP70 or Shure Aonic 50, but those cost twice as much as the $200 MSRP Sennheiser placed on these. that said, these have some real potential and if you use an app that has a multiband eq, you could really make these shine. AS is, they have a good sense of space for instruments to have separation and sounds in tv shows to have their place as well.Functionality.The Sennheiser 450 BT uses buttons for it’s functions.on the underside of the left side of the headphone just above the earcup, there is a braille L to indicate left. The right earcup is where all the buttons and ports have the analog adapter mentioned earlier, the USB-C port, on the bottom edge of the right earcup. The volume button has a dot on one end, that’s volume up. the other side closest to you while wearing them is volume down. Details like this help when you want to use them without looking, especially because while the buttons aren’t hard to use, they are a little cramped in some instances. Fortunately they’re distinct enough that it shouldn’t be hard memorizing each one and what it does. Back to the layout, the next button over from volume moving towards your ear while you’re wearing them is a toggle which rewinds and fastforwards by flicking it it up for fast forward, and down for rewind. Fun fact, if you hold the toggle in either direction, you can scrub through the track bit by bit. perfect if you miss something while listening to a podcast or audiobook. some devices and apps don’t support this functionality however. pressing inward on the toggle pauses or plays music and also answers and ends calls. next button up, right near where the headphone band connects to the earcup is an assistent button. This worked 100% of the time. I didn’t need to set it up like i have to with some products. This is using google Assistent. on the opposite side of the right earcup from the assistent button is the power/noise cancelation button. You press and release to turn ANC on and off and hold for 2-3 seconds to power on and off. Hold for 5 seconds to place in pairing mode.These also support multipoint connection, so you can have them connected to a tablet for music and a phone for calls for example. If you have music playing on one device, and recieve a call on another device the headphones are paired to, the music will pause, and the call will come in. you can hold the function button for a couple of seconds to reject the call. IF you do, your audio from the previous device will start playing again.Call quality. While these headphones don’t have a transparency mode available while listening to music etc, they do use it for phone calls. This is a wonderful feature because you can clearly hear yourself and your environment while on a call. Vital while you’re walking or might otherwise be occupied. The callers i spoke with in most cases didn’t know beforehand i was using headphones for the call. And they never ask me to repeat myself or if i were on bluetooth. while speaking with them i did every day tasks, washing dishes, talking with my birds, vacuuming etc. The people i did ask for feedback on how i sounded said they could hear these noises in the background, but the sounds didn’t overpower my voice and they could always hear me clearly. I left my phone in a room most the time while i wandered through my apartment and it never cut out on the call or while listening to music.These are a fantastic buy. If you want a well built headphone that has a lot of features but doesn’t have a premium price, this is the one to get right now.

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  8. GameDirection

    I am using my review as a way to communicate a confusing problem that I was able to figure out on my own.As for my review:- Sounds amazing- a bit tight (I have a medium/smaller sized head), will have to break them in more before extended periods of use.- The ANC is just as I expected and the fact they work as a headset is great too!- The mic quality is not ideal and terrible in the wind. It’s nice to have in a pinch so you don’t have to raise your phone to your mouth, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to do any business that needs high-quality audio).- Battery life is solid and the USB-C is so convenient! Plus a clear voice that lets you know if they are powering on or off.- Easy to connect, a bit confusing to master (hence the second part of this review)Great Value Headphones, Meh as a Headset.———- How to toggle “Transparency/pass-through Mode” & “ANC Mode”? ————I found a few comments mentioning that you are unable to turn it off the “Transparency Mode” or the pass-through sounds that are made ambiently around you, like voices, crinkling paper, and typing. This is not the same as ANC(Active Noice Cancellation) which removes only the ambient hum of the room like a fan, refrigerator, or airplane.This particular headset actually has two BlueTooth Connections or “drivers” on windows and mac.”Headphones (LE-HD 450BT Stereo)” & “Headset (HD 450BT Hands-Free AG Audio)”Mobile devices seem to auto-switch between these depending on if they are utilizing the mic in the Headset or not.Headphones (LE-HD 450BT Stereo): Does not utilize Transparency Mode, however ANC can be toggled. (Set this as “Default” if you do not want to here the Transparency mode)Headset (HD 450BT Hands-Free AG Audio): Seems to default Transparency Mode ON, and ANC can also be toggled when this is active as well. (If you make a lot of calls and utilize the mic setting this to “Default” may be more useful) If you use the Assistant button, this will automatically switch to this driver, but will revert if you have the headphones selected as “Default”.**Extra Notes**If you have a 5.0 BlueTooth (internal or as an adapter) for your computer both of these are able to connect and you can toggle between these in your sound settings. Most modern mobile devices as of July 2016+ have this installed but you may use the AIDA64 app on the Google Play store to see if it’s in your device.Apple Users: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, HomePod, and the 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar all (and newer devices) utilize the 5.0 or newer BlueTooth.I do not know what happens if you have an older version of BlueTooth, however, I speculate that switching between the two drivers may be clunky, and slower than it already is. However they will still connect, you may just run into issues connecting other devices simultaneously like a mouse and keyboard.The S 450BT WILL usually prioritize headphone mode, however, I hope this helps if you were confused.If you use the Headphone Jack it will put the headphones in Flight Mode and deactivate all BlueTooth Connections.

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  9. Jeronimo

    I bought two pairs of these for both myself and my mom and we are both really happy with them. For me they were exactly what I was looking for, the noise cancelling is decent specially for the price point (Of course it cannot compare to more expensive options like Sony’s premium headphones, but they costed my a third). The sound quality is very good, and I can take them anywhere on my entire apartment without moving the audio source and still get coverage. My only complaint was that for some reason when the battery dipped below 50% I would get constant annoying reminders on how much playtime I had left, luckily with was fixed with a recent firmware update. For my mom, she has never been happier with a product, this was the first time she had ever owned headphones in her life and she literally never takes them off anymore. We are both very happy with the purchase.

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  10. Ryan

    Disclaimer: When I purchased these Sennheiser HD450s on amazon it was because it would have arrived before my flight, but I had to cancel the delivery since it got delayed.- Pros: The closed back design and the noise cancelling make these a nice choice for flying.You get Sennheiser sound quality, and decent noise cancelling. The sound seems fairly balanced, with at least enough bass to satisfy me. You aren’t buying crappy bass-boosted cans.They’re comfortable and lightweight, and my ears happen to be small enough to fit inside. They don’t clamp very hard onto my head at all, and they don’t need to since they weigh so little.They seem durable for now, they survived a couple drops during a frantic layover. I’m hoping they last a long time.- Cons: There might be a little fatigue from long listening sessions, and the volume might not always be very high for podcasts or streams. This, however, is something I’ve found to be a common issue with closed-back cans.The noise cancelling isn’t the best on the market by any means, although I think the sound quality more than makes up for it.People with bigger ears than I might find these uncomfortable.

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    Sennheiser HD 450SE Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone with Alexa Built-in – Active Noise Cancellation, 30-Hour Battery Life, USB-C Fast Charging, Foldable – Black
    Sennheiser HD 450SE Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone with Alexa Built-in – Active Noise Cancellation, 30-Hour Battery Life, USB-C Fast Charging, Foldable – Black


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