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SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone 128GB US Version Smartphone 6.7-inch AMOLED Screen Long-Lasting Battery Single SIM, Black

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About this item GALAXY 5G FOR EVERYONE: With 5G, your smartphone now delivers mind-boggling speeds, superior connections and nearly undetectable lag times. BIGGER, BRIGHTER, BOLDER: See your entertainment in exquisite clarity and dramatic contrast on this massive 6.7-inch Super AMOLED+ Infinity Display. PRO-GRADE SHOTS: Shoot professional-grade photos and videos with the quad lens camera and 64MP main lens. SUPER STEADY & ULTRA-WIDE: Fit everyone into the photo with the Ultra Wide Camera and get super smooth action when shooting with Super Steady. POWER TO KEEP YOU GOING: Scroll, snap, and share more with a long-lasting¹, fast charging battery. IN-SCREEN FINGERPRINT SCANNER: With an on-screen fingerprint sensor and facial recognition, you can be safe in the knowledge that only you can get into your phone. ¹Battery power consumption depends on usage patterns and results may vary.



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SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone 128GB US Version Smartphone 6.7-inch AMOLED Screen Long-Lasting Battery Single SIM, Black


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Specification: SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone 128GB US Version Smartphone 6.7-inch AMOLED Screen Long-Lasting Battery Single SIM, Black

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7 x 4 x 5 inches

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0.2 ounces



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1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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#21,050 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #765 in Cell Phones


Android 10.0


128 GB

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Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

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Rear, Front

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Included Components

Travel Adapter, Data Cable



Date First Available

July 31, 2020

10 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone 128GB US Version Smartphone 6.7-inch AMOLED Screen Long-Lasting Battery Single SIM, Black

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  1. Bill Burnam

    Up grade from a Huawei Honor 5 went back to Samsung this time and I am glad I did. Set up was easy enough sept for the sim chip from my old phone was to big so I had to make a short trip to the local ATT store for assistance. All the rest of the set up was basically handle by Google. Still learning the differences, but am really place with this purchase. Only downer was that Amazon offered the same phone wit a free Sam sung fit watch. Bad timing I guess.

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  2. Sarah S.

    I’ve given this phone about a week and a half of use and so far I like it. I upgraded from a Moto Z4. There are a couple features I miss about the Moto but maybe I haven’t figured out the Samsung version of it (namely the shake the phone to turn on flashlight and being able to change my music by long pressing the volume buttons).The screen is crystal clear even at low brightness. It feels very smooth to swipe text on. My only complaint is that sometimes it isn’t very sensitive. I have a Samsung tablet and it does the same thing. But it’s not a huge deal breaker for me.I’ve deeply enjoyed the animated wallpapers.The battery life is pretty damn good, better than my other phone. At the end of a work day my old phone would be at 40-50% with moderate use. This one, will be at about 70%.The RAM was a big reason why I specifically wanted this one. 6 gigs is a little overkill for me, but I don’t want to have to get another phone anytime soon. But it makes for opening and multitasking a lot of apps pretty snappy.There wasn’t a ton of bloatware. More Samsung apps than anything.It was super easy to switch all my stuff from old phone to this one. Literally just connect both phones with the charging cable that came with the phone.So far, I’d recommend this phone if you are upgrading from an old one or different brand. If you’re used to super high end phones, this one might not seem impressive. But for me, it works great.

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  3. Garrett Ingram

    This phone works great on Verizon. To those having problems getting it added to Verizon, your mistake is telling Verizon what you’re doing. They won’t have the serial numbers for these phones in their system. Just swap your SIM card over to this phone and it’ll work like a charm.This phone is good value for money. Screen is fantastic. Has several of the most common features for flagship phones at a fraction of the price. It won’t be the fastest or have the most RAM but it does the job for most basic phone tasks.

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  4. Mekonnen Akellom

    I had receieved my A50 Samsung Galaxy three days ago & everything just working fine. I have LTE connectivity with AT&T and running super fast. For US resident buyers, i do recommend this is the perfect model to buy. A50 is pretty much comparable to a flagship at the lowest price. The pictures are top notch. Buy the right model, i bet you will not regret.

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  5. Dan Young

    As advertised, I was a bit nervous about this phone working on Total Wireless. I slapped in my Total Wireless SIM card and the A71 5g phone immediately recognized the SIM. No fuss, no muss. Luv it. I really like the multiple points of entry to the access of the phone. Face recognition works, then if no joy, the phone switches to finger print, then a code if necessary. THIS is important because the Apple people in California must never wear sunglasses. It’s much easier to gain access when wearing sunglasses and in the car etc.

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  6. The Pen

    Works great with Metro by T-Mobile service. The ability to use a mini SD card is a deal breaker for me. Xiaomi and Huwaei no longer offer that option. The A71 5G is receiving a somewhat stronger signal than my M8 Lite. The only thing that I have wanted was 8GB RAM. Mine has the 6GB version, the only model offered on Amazon at the time. 5G phones will soon be flooding the market. I highly recommend the Samsung A71 5G. 8GB version if you can find it.

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  7. S. Deitrick

    I’ve had this phone for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. Here are my biggest impressions:1. Battery life – incredible! I’m not a heavy streamer/video user, but with what I’d consider moderate daily usage, I get 3-4 days on a charge. The fast-charging also recharges the battery much faster than my previous Android device.2. Camera – among the best you’ll find on mobile phones. The 25MP camera really shines through in daylight. I’ve gotten so many compliments with friends and family asking about what camera I used to take photos I’ve sent them from this phone. It won’t beat a traditional DSLR or anything like that, but it beats standalone digital cameras.3. Calls/reception – I activated this phone on AT&T Prepaid, and I’ve got fantastic 4G LTE coverage.Could be better:1. Camera Zoom – with so many Megapixels, I was kind of surprised to find that pictures taken from a distance with full zoom still show pixelation/blurriness that you see in lower-end camera phones. Don’t get me wrong; in most cases, the camera is phenomenal, but it’s not perfect.2. Fingerprint reader – It’s not awful, but it’s not as reliable as I’d like. I may try re-adding my primary finger that I use to unlock it as a separate finger to see if it improves reliability.

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  8. Mar Chuan

    10 MONTH UPDATE (August 25, 2021): I was going to wait until the 1 year anniversary before posting an update. However, this one pertains to 5g on ATT. I was on their cheapest prepaid plan where you pay the annual amount which equates to a $25/mth average fee. This plan DID NOT allow connection to the 5g network. The speeds were still very good but I wanted to experience 5g on this phone. So I switched to the $65/mth prepaid plan which gives 22gb of 5g data.My 5g experience was horrible. The speeds usually remained at 1.5mbps to 3.4mbps throughout the day. Only late at night did speeds get up to 43mbps. Tinkering around with the phone I tried to test LTE but could not find Network Mode which should have been under Mobile Networks in the settings. If you can’t find it on your A71 5g, simply go to your dialer and enter this string of characters: *#*#4636#*#* It will automatically take you to a menu of 3 options. Choose “Phone Information”. Then click the option for “Set Preferred Network Type”. Then select LTE only.Lo and behold my speeds were 43mbps to 83mpbs in the middle of the day consistently. I don’t know how good 5g is on other carriers but where I am, the speed is slow on ATT even though the coverage map shows that it should be strong. Going to LTE only is giving me speeds faster than broadband. I hope this helps!8 MONTH UPDATE (June 12, 2021):Eight months in and I still have no complaints regarding my purchase of the A71 5G. I’m loving all the updates it has received including Android 11. I have figured out how to successfully get the finger print reader to work 100% of the time. Basically, I’ve just trained my hand and thumb to place my thumb perfectly where it needs to be. It’s like second nature now. Samsung continually updates its customization apps. If you have this phone you really do need to make sure you have the latest version of Good Lock (found in the Samsung store) and its various modules. You’ll be able to control the adjustments to just about every facet of the phone. I love the camera on this phone. The shutter speed is average, however, in outdoor lighting the pictures are phenomenal. The wide angle selection for the rear camera and the selfie camera produces excellent shots. One thing I did wish the camera had was motion autofocus. You’ll just have to spend flagship money to get a feature like that.Overall my experience with this phone has been excellent. The battery life is still excellent and still charges very quickly. I’m still using video background on my lock screen and home screens and the battery still performs like a champ. I’ve upgraded my wireless earbuds to Bose from the Galaxy Buds. No BT connection issues at all. My phone also connects to my Win10 laptop via the built in Link to Windows feature. The only drawback is that I still can’t get the laptop to show the phone’s screen. My laptop is older and doesn’t have Mirror Share on it so that might be the reason. On a good note though the SmartView feature on the phone works extremely well with my Roku. I can mirror my phone’s screen on my TV through the Roku using this feature. Displaying photos and video to family on a large wide screen TV is amazing but the biggest benefit is displaying Zoom calls on the TV from my phone. I can use the phone as the webcam but then see everything and everyone on the TV.I still highly recommend people get this phone. The features and the quality that you get for the price can’t be matched by other phones.2 MONTH UPDATE (Nov 11, 2020):Two months in and I’m still quite happy with the A71 5g. I’ve removed plenty of the bloat using methods I found on the Internet. Just google “How to Remove Samsung Bloatware without Root technastic”. The first link in the results should take you to the article. The method is for more advanced users. You will need to use your computer to assist in the removal.DEALING WITH SPAM CALLS AND TEXTS: During this election season I received non-stop spam calls and texts. No matter how many times I blocked a phone number the calls and texts still came in from new numbers.SOLUTION: I put the phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode in the Settings. This kills all notifications. I then selected to allow notifications from my contacts. I made sure to add companies that I deal with such as banks etc. that may call into my contacts list. The only drawback is that this doesn’t apply to Duo or other apps that you may receive messages on. For example, if someone DM’s you on Instagram, you won’t see the notification.5g ABILITY: I am on AT&T’s prepaid plan. To pay the least amount, I paid for a full year. I didn’t realize that 5g is not available on most prepaid plans. Oh well. It doesn’t really matter much because my use doesn’t require downloading super large files. There’s no advantage to streaming movies or sending/receiving texts and emails on 5g than on 4g LTE. Loading websites on 5g might be quicker but it’s negligible. The only prepaid plan that gives you 5g support on AT&T is their Premium Plus plan for $75/month. I don’t believe that 5g is worth the extra $50 per month.Overall the A71 5g is a champ. The screen is crystal clear and the phone operates smoothly even though at 60hz. I’ve customized it and have removed much of the bloat. The facial recognition is quick and flawless. I have it configured to open directly to the home page-no extra buttons to push or extra swipes to make. I just lift the phone and tip towards my face and it opens to the home screen. Battery life hasn’t been a problem. My usage includes 3 to 4 hours of Youtube Music streaming high quality music while connected to Galaxy Bud Live bluetooth earbuds, an hour or so of Youtube videos in 1080p, 3 plus hours on Google News, 3 cumulative hours in Instagram, an ongoing texts throughout the day. I use a video background on the home screen as well as a video background on the lock screen. I usually end the day with about 30%-40%. I then just refill overnight.I’ll update again in a few months.—————————————————————-Quick Update September 15: My neighborhood is right in the center of a 5g area according to the ATT coverage map. However, I have yet to see “5G” appear on my phone. I’ve only ever seen LTE. I’m not sure what the problem is.Original Review September 10:My A71 5G arrived yesterday. I’ve spent the last 24 hours customizing it.Here are my First Thoughts:- Screen is amazing. Videos are much better when viewed on Samsung displays.- The phone itself is quite a thin slab. It’s thinner than my glass bodied Honor 8 from 2017 which was my daily phone until now. This makes the A71 5G extremely slippery.- The phone has many customization features although not quite as customizable or as easy to customize as my Honor 8.- Back plastic looks good but is still very slippery.- Camera system is more advanced than my Honor 8. Focus, clarity, wide angle, etc, the A71 5g looks to have an awesome camera. I will test out and update this review later.- Fingerprint & facial recognition are consistently accurate if I’m paying attention to what I’m doing. You can’t get lazy or you will get errors before it lets you in.- Always On Display is cool but there’s no configuration for adding your own photo or video or animated gif- Call quality is excellent- Transferring data from old phone to new phone is kind of a chore. You’ll still have to do plenty manually after the automated transfer process- the One UI is buttery smooth just like everyone says.- dismissing apps from the recently used screen is a swipe up rather than swipe rightSurprises I Encountered:- A71 5G doesn’t use a Samsung dialer as its native dialer app. It uses an app from Hiya. If you want the app to filter spam then you’ll have to give up some privacy to Hiya.- Microsoft apps come already installed. The downside is that you won’t be able to get Outlook to access your mail. According to the reviews the app is currently screwed up after a recent update. I couldn’t get it to connect to any of my email accounts (non gmail and non hotmail accounts).- There is no native email app installed on the phone. I had to download Samsung Mail from the Play Store.- There’s no way to configure ring tones and alert tones for contacts in Google Contacts. I use Hangouts for my permanent personal number from Google Voice. On my Honor 8, I could configure a unique tone for each of my contacts. I could also configure special ring tones. No such luck with the A71 5G.- The charging cord is USB-C to USB-C which means the charging brick has a USB-C socket. This is great when you want to connect the A71 5g to an old phone to transfer files, but it negates my ability to use my newly purchased 6ft USB-C charging cord w/magnetic attachments. The way the cord works is that there is an adapter that fits into the phone’s USB-C socket with a round magnetic connector that the cord easily connects to. The cord itself has a magnetic connector on one end and a regular USB male on the other to connect to a charging brick. The A71 5G’s charging brick only accepts USB-C.- The phone has a built-in “app lock” type of function. It allows you to put apps and files into a secure folder. The apps or files in the folder can’t be opened unless you use your fingerprint or PIN. The surprise here is that when you place an app in the folder, it creates a new instance of that app which means you will still have the app accessible as normal but you will have a new instance of the app which requires secure access. So if you have a dirty Instagram account and a clean account, you can have the clean account logged into the app in the app drawer and the secured version of the app logged into the dirty account. I had to do some Google searches to figure out why I was still able to open an app placed in the secured folder from the regular app drawer.So-so Observations:- 5G speed: I tested at 9:30pm. I live in a suburban area adjacent to a metropolitan city. AT&T supposedly has 5G in my area. I got an average of 45mbps download speed and 7.7mbps upload speed via I compared that to my broadband speed of 64.7mbps download & 10.25mbps upload with Centurylink using the 5ghz channel on the router. I probably would have gotten better speeds with TMobile but oh well. Let me know what you’re getting if you have AT&T with any 5G phone.- Theme customizations. If you come from a Honor phone like me you’ll miss your ability to fully customize your UI such as choosing among a large selection of available navigation buttons; a huge selection of different icon sets and not just icons that are contained inside a square or a circle but true free floating graphics; a user friendly interface to customize lock screen features including wallpaper from within the same theme customization interface. I took for granted that these things were the norm across all devices but not so this Samsung device. You have to go back-and-forth through multiple menu items to make changes to different parts of the UI. For example, if I want to place my own personal video as wallpaper on my lock screen, I have to do it via a handful of menus rather than the Themes app which itself, btw, can only be accessed via the Settings menu.More observations to follow.

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  9. Bob

    UPDATE: This phone does push an update to Android 11. About a week ago I received the notification, updated, and has been working GREAT for a week.This review is about the phone, not the Tracfone service. Tracfone isn’t for everyone and I want to focus on the phone as that is the primary purchase here.I think both Samsung and Apple make powerful high-end phones. The Samsung S20/S21 and Apple 11/12 function well, do many neat things, but the value is terrible. With the higher end phones you get .2Ghz faster processing and sometimes an additional core or two and slightly better software enhanced cameras. It is the mid-range phones like the A50 that pack a lot of features into a more economical package. It basically like buying tech that is 2 years old and on clearance. 2 years ago it was the $1000 phone and people were in awe. The A50 has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage (48GB after OS and required apps), 8 core CPU, and 25 meg camera. All of that makes it indistinguishable from a $1000 phone for most use. The biggest mistake some people make in a low-mid range phone is not paying close attention to the screen. Some low-mid range phones have terrible TFT screens that are washed out, dim, and hurt to look at. The A50 has the same Super AMOLED 120hz screen as the higher end phones. The camera is on par with any high end phone in full daylight. Where you will see some struggle is the software enhancement at night is not on par. If an A20 and iPhone 12 take daytime 10/10 nighttime 9/10 pics, this phone would be daytime 10/10 nighttime 6/10. There is a difference but it isn’t terrible – just adequate.The phone came with Android 10 installed, not 9 as indicated in the product details.

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  10. Gilda P

    When I bought my first Tracfone, over 20 years ago, I was looking for something to use for emergencies on the road, and so my sick parents could always reach me. The sales person told me that most tracfone buyers switch to other cellphone companies and phones within a year. I’m still using Tracfone, and it still works for me–no contracts and inexpensive. As smart phone technology has improved, so have the phones with Tracfone service. This is the best Tracfone phone yet. Unfortunately, there were several glitches with the set up this time around, and tech support was quite poor. Now that those are corrected, I am very happy with the phone itself, particularly with the storage capacity and quick-charge capability.

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    SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone 128GB US Version Smartphone 6.7-inch AMOLED Screen Long-Lasting Battery Single SIM, Black
    SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone 128GB US Version Smartphone 6.7-inch AMOLED Screen Long-Lasting Battery Single SIM, Black


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