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rnairni Extended RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, Extra Large Gaming Mouse Mat for Gamer, Waterproof Office Desktop Mat with 10 Lighting Mode, for PC Computer RGB Keyboard Mouse – 31.5” x 15in x 4mm(Map)


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①【Best Choice for Gamer】You can turn on the RGB light which will match up with RGB mechanical keyboard,cherry mx gaming keyboard and gaming mouse.Anti-slip base can firmly grip your desktop which ensure that every mouse movement translates into cursor movement, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate precision in the most passionate game. ②【Best Choice in Office】There are some mouse that can’t be moved on a sleek desk, and you need a large mouse pad to cover your desk. This mouse pad is suitable for all wired/wireless mice, making your office more efficient. At the same time, you have a unique desktop in the office, you can turn off the light if you don’t need the lighting function. ③【LARGE & Waterproof】The size of 31.5″x15.7″x0.16″ will covers the area for a full-sized keyboard and mouse, providing plenty of room for professional gaming or office work, this mouse mat, can protect your various desktops. ④【10 Lighting Modes】The gaming mouse pad is powered by USB cable. Super Glow Fiber – You can choose customizable lighting provides a distinctive appearance , Choose from 10 lighting modes : Rainbow breathing, Red , Purple ,Blue ,Cyan , Green , Yellow , Flowing Circling Motion , Colorful Circling Motion, Turn off ⑤【100% 90 DAY MONEY BACK】If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return your mouse pad for a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.



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rnairni Extended RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, Extra Large Gaming Mouse Mat for Gamer, Waterproof Office Desktop Mat with 10 Lighting Mode, for PC Computer RGB Keyboard Mouse – 31.5” x 15in x 4mm(Map)

Product Description

Best Choice For Gamer

The perfect choice for fast moving,making your mouse more sensitive and enhancing the gaming experience.

Enhances 50% Gaming Performance

Gaming desk pad made of two different layers of professional fabrics and 4mm extra thick ensures your wrist’s comfort.

Fade Prevent Surface

Made of nano-textured material which has great locking-color effect, this gaming mouse pad can be easily cleaned with water for continuous use if you spill the coffee, cola, tea or juice on it by accident. And it will not fade with repeated cleaning. Highly reusable and designed for long lasting use.

Superior Anti-slip Rubber Base

Super glow fiber and soft cloth surface with Non-Slip rubber base ensure precise,which provide a solid platform for competitive gaming.

Specification: rnairni Extended RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, Extra Large Gaming Mouse Mat for Gamer, Waterproof Office Desktop Mat with 10 Lighting Mode, for PC Computer RGB Keyboard Mouse – 31.5” x 15in x 4mm(Map)





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‎1.87 pounds

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‎31.5 x 15.7 x 0.16 inches

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‎31.5'' x 15.7'' x 0.16"

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#1,222 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games) #226 in PC Accessories

Date First Available

April 26, 2019

10 reviews for rnairni Extended RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, Extra Large Gaming Mouse Mat for Gamer, Waterproof Office Desktop Mat with 10 Lighting Mode, for PC Computer RGB Keyboard Mouse – 31.5” x 15in x 4mm(Map)

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  1. Pan

    This mouse pad is made of high quality materials. I have bought many several mouse pads and after a few days or weeks they start to fall apart. This pad has a good amount of padding, it feels well made. As a mouse pad alone, it does a great job. It’s big enough to cover most of my desk and have no issues with it at all. The bonus part is that it has RGB lights that can be easily controlled with the attached controller on the top left. It has several different modes like flashing and different color options. This pad has a lot of pros. The only con I can think of is that the controller doesnt let you turn off the pad. So if you’re powering it with a power strip that supports USB, you will have to disconnect it. If you plug it into your laptop or pc then it wont be an issue since it will power on and off with your pc. There really isnt much to complain about, this product is great and highly recommend it.

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  2. Derik Holt

    Honestly, this mat has kept my desk so clean and prevented so many accidents. I have spilled a full container of coke on my desk, but this mat just absorbed it. It was super easy to get all the coke off the mat and it wasn’t even sticky after I cleaned it. I’ve spilled so much stuff on this thing within the course of a month and it still comes clean every time. I recommend it. It will save your desk and electronics. and it’s also good for people who game and use their whole hand.

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  3. Aechkay

    10 color selections (fade transition solid colors fast change)Rubbery bottom so it doesn’t move around on smoother desksFeels like most mouse pads (smooth but with texture)Micro USB to USB to power the RGBNice little map design on the mat itselfAt only 23 bucks I would say this ain’t bad

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  4. Joodyssey

    This keyboard/mouse pad is decent and does exactly what it’s supposed to do with some nice features and style for a fair price.I can’t be too nit-picky bearing in mind it’s a budget friendly product. None of the cons stated below really bother me as I did come up with a few ideas for improvement, still otherwise I’m satisfied. As for those of you that do care, here you go!CONS:Lighting and Build Quality:Because this is not LED the brightness is not great and will suffer becoming inferior during the day or a brighter lighting environment.The lighting color and brightness consistency also varies throughout the tubing where some corners are brighter then others.Instead it’s a RGB system with a plastic fiber optic tubing that is sowed along the edging of the pad by a super thin yet flexible plastic yarn-like-string.(Note: The strings holding the tubing in place do move if you run your fingers over them and naturally when hovering your arm over them to navigate the mouse.)It’s a mouse pad and with constant usage over time, I do see the strings and tubing tearing off and/or coming apart.As far as the design and image quality for the World Map print option goes; some areas are faded/blurry. This seems to only affect the smaller fonts both lettering and numbers due to it being stretched out to fit.Although not dramatically cumbersome, the manufacturer logo is somewhat of an eye sore, printed on the lower right hand corner with the boldest and largest font size possible in relation to the other names/words. To each thier own.Furthermore, with the exception of the the upper left corner where the control module is retrofitted, the mouse pad lays perfectly flat (my example) but the remaining corners tend to curve or curl up very so slightly and makes the lighting look uneven in the dark.No control or no mobile application.The lack of a remote control or a simple app doesn’t allow you to conveniently turn on or off the lighting, control the brightness level, switch lighting colors and lighting modes, and synchronization is not feasible.Instead, as mentioned above, the top left corner is home to the plastic control module/switching device powered by a micro USB to USB 2.0 cable and a single button allowing you to cycle through one color/mode via each press.This is annoying because you’ll have to remember to press and hold down the button a few seconds to power off the lighting or simply unplug the USB cable each time. If you missed your favorite color or favorite mode, you gotta re-cycle through each.Lastly, when this mouse pad is connected to the computer or laptop via the USB cable, the lighting will not power off or “sleep” when the computer or laptop does. This and the lack of a control or an app to turn off the lighting can be pretty annoying. I will research a solution for this soon or if anyone has a tip, do let me know. Thanks!One last thing, Naturally the control module definitely gets warm or somewhat “hot” within a few minutes of being on and is most likely not a hazard but thought I’d point it out just to be annoying.PROS:My example arrived within just 3 days. Faster than I thought!I only paid $18.87 using the Amazon Store card, free shipping, and an additional 10% off coupon after taxes.Provides generous surface area converge. My laptop (~15″) and mouse fit nicely within the pad allowing additional real estate to navigate the mouse freely.The lighting is actually pleasant and not too eye intrusive in a dimmer environment while you’re studying sippin on fresh OJ or working whilst listening to Larry June tunes. At night time or with the lights off in your office/room the lighting creates a bright vivid ambience for gaming or just relaxing.The bottom layer is a rubber-like material with a textured pattern preventing it from sliding in either direction and otherwise does a great job locking it in place.The map print, minus the said “cons” stated above, is actually nice to look at and having it on display on your desk gives off good energy. Whatever that means.The top layer is smooth as butter and provides protection for your equipment along with a silky-smooth and comfortable-to-the-touch feel.Overall it’s a solid product! Mine arrived in one piece and works well! 4.9 stars easy! (The fact that it doesn’t power off when my laptop goes to sleep is causing that -0.1 star LOL).Anyway I’d definitely would recommend this to y’all, to my friends, and to family as well. It’s a small investment for great productivity. Makes for a nice gift too!Stay blessed!

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  5. Brian Waymack

    This is a nice quality desk mat, I normally don’t spend a lot of money on mouse pads because even expensive one’s generally don’t last very long, so I bought this low priced desk mat for the same reason. However, the quality is really good, nice thick material and the printed surface is soft to the touch. The light isn’t super bright but that’s fine, it looks awesome.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Pretty cool. Got this for our 10 yro to hold her Chromebook in place on her homeschool desk during covid school hybrid learning. The desktop was slick but this stays in place pretty well. The added lights around the perimeter is an added bonus. Note the world map font is pretty low res, so smaller countries are difficult to read but it serves its purpose. The colored map doesn’t light up itself. I wasnt sure on this via the description and other pics. Just the perimeter. Came with a micro USB.

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  7. Seth Steele

    I really enjoy this mousepad. I was using a small, standard sized mousepad before this one. I built my desk and wanted to protect it and this was perfect! I love the print as well as the RGB aspect. It’s comfortable to game on for long periods of time EXCEPT for the wrap around the tube thing that actually lights up. It’s kinda like a small fishing line that’s sewn around the tube thing… it’s a bit abrasive but only after 3+hours. The size is great for gaming because I don’t need to worry about running the mouse off the pad when I’m playing.I game 10-15 hours a week and this hasn’t shown any wear even now after probably 200+ hours of competitive Rainbow6 Siege.Idrk what this sheerness thing is with regards to a mousepad. The surface is smooth to the point it’s comfortable but also has a bit of texture to it so I can feel my mouse glide along.

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  8. JennRose

    Love it. Came in a nice box. Made from good materials. Solid, does not look or feel flimsy. Perfect size, Fits my Cynosa Keyboard and my mouse perfectly with plenty of room to spare.RGB is excellent. Not Addressable, but plenty of options to cycle thru, Im more than happy with the options and combos.Pad lays flat. Its plenty thick, more than most at this price. Feels great. Mouse works and moves on it with No issue.You have to turn it on and off manually; I prefer this, if I want it on, i turn it on with press of button. And Although I wouldnt most times, It does stay on while my PC is powered off unless I turn it off, So thats kinda cool, I can have my rig off, but leave the mouse pad on if I choose.Got mine at a great price- 13.00 aprox. At 13 dollars, I highly recommend this.I got the all black version with no Image. So I can not speak on image quality, but, the quality is here so assuming the images are quality too is not a reach.Highly recommend so long as it stays at or near 13.00. You would be hard pressed to do better.

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  9. BlueHog

    I love Corsair stuff, but their stuff is pricey. I looked at their full sized mouse pads, but could not bring myself to spend $60, $100, or $129 on a MOUSE PAD.This product really hit the mark. It may not work with iCue, and it may not be as “polished” as a Corsair mat, but it sure does work for me. You get a 31 x 15 inch mouse pad with a solid surface and bright, changeable RBG lights for less than $30. Not bad at all! The map of the world also adds a bit more interest than just black. I would have liked the width to be 18″, but that is because I have a large desk.

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  10. Tra

    My desk is a tad high due to chair … inadequacies, and I just wanted to mention the edging of this isn’t soft (nor hard, just a tad scratchy on soft skin) so you may want a wrist pad too. I just let it hang over the edge a bit, even though that’s not good for the longevity, for the price, I’m happy to have to replace in a year or whatever. The colors are nice and vivid (at the brightest setting, not too bright to cause nasty glares on my screen). Really cool to have the map since I’m geographically challenged, and while streaming it is nice to look down when someone lets me know where they’re at and learn a bit about the world from the people living in it.

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    rnairni Extended RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, Extra Large Gaming Mouse Mat for Gamer, Waterproof Office Desktop Mat with 10 Lighting Mode, for PC Computer RGB Keyboard Mouse – 31.5” x 15in x 4mm(Map)
    rnairni Extended RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, Extra Large Gaming Mouse Mat for Gamer, Waterproof Office Desktop Mat with 10 Lighting Mode, for PC Computer RGB Keyboard Mouse – 31.5” x 15in x 4mm(Map)


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