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Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad Mecha-Membrane Key Switches – 32 Programmable Keys – Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting – Programmable Macros – Classic Black


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High-Performance Mecha-Membrane Switches: Provides the tactile feedback of mechanical key press on a comfortable, soft-cushioned, membrane, rubber dome switch suitable for gaming 32 Mecha-Membrane Keys for More Hotkeys and Actions: Perfect for gaming or integrating into creative workflows with fully programmable keys Thumbpad for Improved Movement Controls: The 8-way directional thumbpad allows for more natural controls for console-oriented players and a more ergonomic experience Fully Programmable Macros: Razer Hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30 plus partners; supports 16 8 million colors on individually backlit keys



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Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad Mecha-Membrane Key Switches – 32 Programmable Keys – Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting – Programmable Macros – Classic Black

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Tartarus V2Tartarus V2
Infinite Commands Endless Possibilities.

Razer Tartarus V2

When you’re in the center of the battlefield, it’s crucial to do everything from cast spells to activate skills in a flash. With the Razer Tartarus V2, you can bind commands and skills and activate them instantaneously—all in the palm of your hand.

Tartarus V2Tartarus V2

Razer Hypershift Functionality

Hypershift mode opens a secondary set of commands for everything from macros to windows shortcuts, on top of your current controls. This doubles your device’s capabilities.

Ergonomic Form with Detachable Palm Rest

Tartarus V2 comes with a detachable palm rest with two adjustable positions to suit your preferred angle of comfort.

Razer Mecha-Membrane Technology

Razer Tartarus V2 combines the soft cushioned touch of a membrane rubber dome with the crisp tactile click of a mechanical switch. Each key is actuated at mid-height for an instantaneous response.

Razer Chroma Customizable Backlighting

Featuring individually programmable backlit keys and 16.8 million color options.

32 Fully Programmable Keys


Tartarus V2Tartarus V2

Powered by Razer Synapse

Rebind buttons, assign macros, save profile configurations to the cloud, and explore advanced capabilities with the ultimate hardware configuration tool.

Specification: Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad Mecha-Membrane Key Switches – 32 Programmable Keys – Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting – Programmable Macros – Classic Black



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‎12.8 ounces

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‎2.36 x 0.8 x 6.02 inches

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‎2.36 x 0.8 x 6.02 inches


‎Classic Black


‎Razer Inc.



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Date First Available

‎November 3, 2017

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#788 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games) #6 in Mac Gaming Keyboards #7 in PlayStation Accessories #15 in Xbox Accessories

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  1. Kevin Bean

    Note: I have the standard V2, not the V2 Pro.CONS:-The thumbstick needs more texture as I regularly find my thumb slipping off-For the cost, The base tape should be included or the base should be a bit more grippy-The top two corner keys are difficult to reach as I do not have very large hands-The palm rest could be a bit more modular as there are only two positions-Better padding for the palm rest, or the option for a gel pad would be nice-Key20 (below the thumbstick) is very awkward and difficult to use while using the thumbstick-Only the center key on the third row has an identifier that you can feel (like F/J keys)-You will run out of room playing games with a ton of key bindings-The Razer software is a necessary evil, but I still don’t like itPROS:-The keys feel responsive-Consolidating movement to one key (thumbstick) is amazing-Customizable RGB-The cable is fairly long which allows it to be routed in a way that doesn’t interfere with my other equipment-Allows a more ergonomic position for my left hand, which allows me to game longer-It is fairly comfortable as is-Vastly improved gaming experience (for me. I do not like using the KB)Over all this is a great piece of hardware. It does have a number of CONS (to me), but it has greatly improved my PC gaming experience compared to using the keyboard, so with that alone I would recommend getting the Tartarus. If you have the money to spare I would recommend getting the Pro as it offers more than the standard V2.

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  2. NastyB

    I am loving this thing. I have always been a controller guy until I bought Doom Eternal, and it was obvious from the very first level that this game was made with mouse and keyboard in mind and I decided it was time to make the switch and I’m really glad I did. I stopped playing the game and waited for this to arrive, along with the Corsair Harpoon gaming mouse. It took A LONG time to start feeling comfortable with the new set up but once it started to click it made all the difference in the game. The learning curve for me was huge, maybe the biggest one I’ve had to go through in decades for gaming, but it was worth it. This keypad is great.I bought this used from a seller here, something I don’t normally do but the price was more than half off the new price and I knew it was a gamble that I might not take to it and go back to controller, which would have made this a waste of money. I feel like I got lucky, the used product of this looks brand new and is in great shape, and since it worked out and I ended up loving the keypad it was money well spent.I specifically went with the Tartarus because I really liked the idea of having the thumb stick, and I feel like that was a good move. In Doom Eternal, now I can control the Slayer in a way I’m already familiar with while freeing up the rest of the keyboard and my fingers to the different melee attacks and switching equipment. That way I don’t have to move my fingers all over the keyboard as I normally would have had to, fumbling around hoping I hit the right keys. The learning curve was huge for sure and for awhile, I probably put in enough time in the first three levels over and over again trying to get accustomed to the new control style as it would take someone else to actually beat the entire campaign, but once it all clicked, I can’t imagine playing a game like this any other way and I already knew from the first level that a controller was a huge disadvantage. In regards to the quality of the actual device- it’s solid. The keys all have a great feel and click to them, and the thumb stick has the exact same feel. It feels like pushing a key on the board with the mechanical click and all in every direction, it’s great feedback to know you’re pushing it in the right direction and for learning how to use it. It’s also very comfortable to use, and the wrist rest beneath the keyboard reduces any normal strain I would feel by hovering my hand over a typical keyboard. And lastly if you care, the rgb lighting on this is good and bright and every color in the rainbow is represented just fine. I don’t care that much about this, but I know some freaks do so there you go.To summarize, this purchase was worth every penny. The keyboard is solid, it feels solid, it is quality. The thumb stick works great and I really struggle to find anything to complain about here. I can see this falling short on games with tons of keybinds, and Doom Eternal is really pushing it in that regard, but it still worked out great with just enough keys to accommodate all the things you need to do. Purchasing this along with a gaming mouse has changed the way I play a game like this and for the better. Highly recommended, especially if you can get one at the used price I did if it shows up at your door in the condition mine did.On a quick side note I do want to point out that Windows 10 by default had this keypad configured to shut down randomly to preserve power in the device settings. You’re going to want to figure out how to go into the USB options and make sure to uncheck the box letting Windows do that because if you don’t this will disconnect randomly out of nowhere for like fifteen seconds here and there, and obviously that is not ideal unless you like losing due to some technical crap.

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  3. Gabriel Rivas

    I can’t game without it. I exclusively use this for pc gaming way better than just using a keyboard. I am recently coming from console so I found that this made my transition to PC much smoother. the D pad does not really work like a joystick as you would expect I would stick to the WASD setup for this, the mecha-membrane is really good I was skeptical but they feel great not quite like mechanical switches but a close imitation, I am impressed with this device and the Razer Synapse which allows you to customize every single button and the lighting effects. I got this on sale for $58.00 and it was worth every penny.

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  4. Robert D Davis

    The quick and easy is: I love it, and I’ll buy it again if it ever breaks.So I’ve been eyeballing these for quite sometime. Just built my own computer for gaming again after taking a long time off. I’ve been reading about different colored keys to make different sounds and feels and it has me confused.So of course first I try a cheapo run of the mill keyboard for gaming. It was awful, my fingers don’t move like they used to, the keyboard was really sensitive and I’d make accidental presses all the time. So I head over to amazon and look up this bad boy.It’s got me excited, it’s programmable, it’s ergonomic, it’s exactly what I think I need. But I’ve never even seen one before. So I head to the local store and search it out. And I have to say I placed my hand on top of this magnificent piece of hardware and I knew at that moment, I need this!Of course being a cheap skate I check many places for the best price. And luckily amazon was my go to. I purchased one of the “open box” items and crossed my fingers.It arrived and looks brand new to this day. I can care less about the rgb, but at the same time it doesn’t “catch” my eye while gaming nor do I find it irritating.I’m very happy with my purchase, and I’m very happy with the open box item. Do yourself a favor, check it out in store, then pay the best price you can for it. This thing ROCKS!!!

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  5. Eileen

    What a wonderful device! I don’t use it for gaming. I use it for digital drawing/photo editing. It took about a day of time and research; I meticulously mapped controls that I use constantly for digital drawing into two kep maps on this device. For example, the scroll wheel changes the digital brush size. The space bar is my undo button. The various other keys change the brush type; I have an erase, create new layer, undo, redo and take-a-scree-shot v button as well as a volume and skip song control. It’s wonderful! But boy, did it take some time! Well worth it though! Now, I have memorized the key map layout and gotten used to the button placement. I am so fast with this gaming keyboard now. I press buttons for controls without even thinking about it. I now can no longer digitally draw comfortably without it. When I draw on my iPad, I crave the use of this device! I have used it on both Windows and Mac. The only drawback on Mac that I see is that I can’t take advantage of the option that allows automatic input of text. You press one button, and the predetermined text automatically appears. That option does not work on my Mac, but it works on Windows. Gosh! It would have been so useful, as I rename many layers constantly the same in every drawing such as “background” or “base color”, “shadow.” But oh well. Perhaps it will become available in the future. I hope they never stop selling this. When my device finally gives out in ten years (hopefully), I don’t know what I’ll do. Maybe I should buy two or three more now just in case…

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  6. AngelinoinTexas

    I play FPS shooters on the Xbox through a Xim 4 adapter. This unit is compatible with Xin.I have owned these game pads from Nostromo, Logitech G13, the original Razer Tartarus, and Razer Orbweaver, but I have to say that this game pad is by far the best. It is responsive and jumps in Destiny 2 feel like a Xbox game pad. I can understand why this version of the item is called pro.The 8 directional game pad, compared to other pads, provides better movements, but is not an analog pad, from a controller. It never will be, it’s meant to be a WASD function, or what you choose to program at as. Saying the above, compares to other comparable products, it provides the best movement for me.Comfort, it’s perfect for me. The hand and wrist rest has two locked positions, that are adjust by lifting and inserting in to pinholes. It’s a sturdy design that will last.So far I love it, buttons are quiet, responsive, and feel like a controller.If you like game pads, get this controller.

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  7. BH

    The Tartarus Pro is nearly perfect for what it is: A versatile, ergonomic keypad designed for gaming. The keypad is highly customizable and the resting state of the hand feels very natural. I especially love the placement of the spacebar key and have found the directional pad to be a lot more useful than I ever thought it would be. I have never used it as a directional pad or joystick, but do use it as a quick-flick hotkey in a variety of games and have found it to be very handy due to its responsiveness.The keys respond to the lightest of touches which can be good and bad. You will eventually get used to that, but it is a bit surprising at first just how responsive the keys are and I ultimately see it as a good thing. What I would change about the keys is how the dual-purpose of the keys works. As you’ve probably read if you’re looking at reviews, the keys can be setup to have 2 functions depending on how far you press the key. Good luck ever mastering this in a way that would be practical. This feature would have been much better implemented if the dual-functionality triggered when the key bottoms out. Or have both the current option and a bottom-out option, perhaps? Not sure what the answer is, I just know that currently, it is fairly impractical to use effectively given the current parameters. The only other issue is with the mousewheel that they’ve opted to include. Maybe I’ll find a use for it at some point but it’s gone unused for the time being as it isn’t in the most convenient of spots. As of right now, I’d rather it be replaced with another key, personally.The ergonomic design of this thing feels great for my hand. I actually wish that the tilt-angle was a bit steeper, honestly. It is great currently, but an even steeper angle would get the arm to rest at an even more neutral position.Setting up new profiles is very quick and easy and you are given just about every option you could hope for in customizing the keys.There is a slight learning curve but you’ll feel 90% at home right out of the gate, needing to just feel out the nuanced differences between the layout of the Tartarus vs a traditional keyboard.

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  8. Ginno Haro

    After owning every Razer Keypad since the Nostromo, this is it, this is EXACTLY what I’ve always wanted. The Optical switches feel incredible, it’s the most responsive version to date and I will probably order the Mercury white one as well. I have ascended, my life has changed overnight, and my gamer ability has never been so powerful. Thank you Razer. P.S. The analogue remapping works perfectly.

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  9. KC

    While I do a fair bit of gaming (mostly action & FPS games likes Rainbow Six: Siege, Hunt: Showdown, Outriders, etc.), when I discovered this product it was the last thing on my mind. That said, if you’re reading this review to get my feedback on its usefulness and responsiveness in games – this review will have zero pertinent information for you. If, like me, you were looking at this as a potential editing console/controller – this review is for you.I am a professional graphic designer and digital illustrator who regularly uses Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite. In particular, I use Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Xd daily. For some of these programs I tend to use a Wacom Intuos Pro medium in place of a mouse and, of course, a keyboard. This is the main reason I purchased this device. While I’m perfectly at home with a mouse and keyboard, I can attest to and must admit that having the Razer Tartarus Pro has sped up my workflow EXPONENTIALLY.As some of you reading this may know, using a graphic tablet is great for countless applications but personally when I’m using a tablet for something other than digital painting, using the express keys makes it awkward to operate one-handed and flipping back and forth between having both hands on the tablet (1 on the express keys, 1 on the pen) or having one hand on the keyboard and the other on the pen. As you might imagine this can actually slow your process down somewhat significantly. Especially when you consider that the keyboard shortcuts that you use frequently can be between 3-4 simultaneous keystrokes which adds to the uncomfortable nature of switching.For this reason, some people start to look at editing consoles/controllers to help with this. The main two I personally had been considering were the Tour Box ($169 MSRP at time of review) and one of the Loupedeck devices ($250-500). While both were fine products, I heard this mentioned in passing and decided to investigate. I was a bit surprised because I’ve pretty much always used Logitech products, I knew nothing about Razer’s catalog except that they were popular with people who take gaming much more seriously than I do and that’s about it. At a MSRP of $129 I had to at least try it. When it suddenly went on sale from $129 to $79, I pulled the trigger. This has been my experience so far:The short: I wholeheartedly recommend this device if you are looking to use it the way I am. I cannot speak to this device’s use in games because I haven’t used it for that, I wasn’t planning on it and frankly, the other thousands of reviews have that aspect covered pretty thoroughly.The long: I chose the Pro over the V2 for a few reasons I think you’ll find important. The main advantages the Pro has over the V2 are that it has optical switches, the keys are dual-action and the keys actuation is adjustable. If you’re used to mechanical keyboards, the key “feel” may mess with you at first but unless you’re a particularly heavy-handed typer I don’t foresee any adjustment issues. The keys on the Pro are a little on the heavy side but because of the nature of the dual-action keys, they kind of have to be. While you can set the actuation (ostensibly how hard you press before the unit recognizes that it’s been pressed far enough to trigger the secondary action) to your preference, it will take some light adjusting. The primary function triggered by the initial keypress can be extremely light and the secondary action is generally triggered around half way to “bottoming out” (key being pressed in all the way). It’s also important to know that regardless of what you have assigned to the primary and secondary actions to any given key, the primary action will always be triggered first and there is no way to bypass the primary function. While that may sound limiting, it just means you have to be thoughtful about what you assign. I’ll talk about this more later.The beauty of the dual-action keys for design software is that you can just set all of your most-used functions to single key presses as there is no string limit per key. That said, as I mentioned, the way you stack keys matters. For instance, if you wanted to set up a key to “Save” on primary and “Save-As” on secondary – it’s still gonna overwrite your file because it has to “Save” before it can get to “Save As”. A better way of grouping similar commands would be to set “Copy” as primary and “Cut” as secondary so that it doesn’t matter that you only need to cut as copying won’t prevent you from cutting immediately after. And it’s not just the keys – you can even program the scroll wheel and D-pad. Might sound useless to a mouse user, but being able to immediately switch between scrolling and zooming on that wheel without having to move your hand – it’s just one of those little things that, in tandem with the rest of your efficiency binding, make this thing fast and fun to use. You also have them ability to designate a key as a “Hypershift” key in Razer’s Synapse software (more in that in a sec) wherein instead of tweaking the actuation to your liking to make use of the dual-action keys, you can sacrifice a key to be the modifier instead of using the “pressure” settings. Feels a bit silly to sacrifice a key for that reason to me but it’s a reasonable alternative for the more heavy-handed among us.Razer’s Synapse 3 software (needed to program your keys and lighting) is not the most immediately intuitive, but once you get the hang of it – it becomes fairly easy to use. From Synapse, you can create profiles for your respective games/applications with their own independent layout and lighting options. You can adjust the key actuation, macros, brightness and for all your RGB lighting needs, Razer’s Chroma suite has you covered. You can even sync your other Razer devices or have the lighting effect(s) (Yes, you can even layer lighting schemes and effects) or incorporate multiple Razer devices into a single continuous effect.This is one of the other reasons I opted for the Pro over the V2. I tend to work in little to no light, so the per-key RGB lighting (Yes, even the scroll wheel) is much better than the V2 in that there is no light bleed on the Pro. Depending on the environment, the light bleed on the V2 is pretty egregious by comparison. On the Tartarus Pro, I’ve never been confused as to which key I’m about to hit and while that may sound like a minor issue for a difference of $50, like any other piece of equipment, there’s gonna be a learning curve. That learning curve can be shortened drastically if you start out by color-coding keys which is a huge help until muscle memory develops. Some have complained that the unit has no onboard memory and while this is true, Synapse has cloud storage for settings, so unless you intend to take this device with you everywhere and need to use it in 100 different machines…I’d argue that’s a bit of a moot point. I know everyone’s needs are different, but realistically I see most people using it on their main workstation and maybe a laptop…even if I still worked at an agency on-site, I’d be hesitant to request IT clear Synapse for my work machine but maybe we’re different.The last thing to touch on are the ergonomics. I have large, but not huge hands and I find (for my purposes) that reaching all the keys is comfortable and intuitive (even when you start building speed – and you will). If you have larger hands, the palm/wrist rest is adjustable but if you have smaller hands, I could see this being less wieldy although not uncomfortable. If you have average to large hands I think you’ll be at home. The palm base/ wrist rest is lightly padded but not so much so that you notice it which is great because I’ve dealt with a myriad of “comfort” features that only served to irk during extended periods of use. Thankfully, in the case of the Razer Tartarus Pro, I can use it for HOURS without any discomfort whatsoever. There’s something extremely cathartic about being able to work without moving your hands unnecessarily. It’s a huge help if you deal with strain from carpal tunnel or tendonitis especially.Whether you’re a mouse, tablet (or both) user, I think everyone considering this to speed up their design workflow should at least try it. Do some experimentation with your binds both in physical placement and how you “stack” commands and group your keys colors by tool/function and I’m willing to bet it won’t take long before you start wondering how you were getting by without it.

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  10. C Cougar

    SOFTWAREI have read many misleading reviews about how poor the software is for the Tartarus V2. Maybe the earlier versions of the software had some issues, but the current software is absolutely excellent. It is far better than anything else on the market, including similar software from Logitech.The software (Synapse) is modern and beautifully designed. All the buttons on your device can be programmed to do just about anything. The software shows a picture of the device, and all the keys and assignments. To assign a key, just click on it in the picture, and then assign what you want it to do. You can assign keys to keystrokes, macros, mouse functions, system functions, media functions, and more. Creating macros is as simple as hitting a record button, typing in the keystrokes, and hitting the stop button.You can also create profiles, such as a profile for each game you play. The profiles automatically activate for the game you specify (which is more than I can say for Logitech software, which has issues with this most basic feature). Each profile can have multiple keymaps assigned, and there is also a hypershift option to effectively double up the number of keys you can assign.I have been using gaming keypads, keyboards, and mice from various companies for over 10 years, and I can honestly say that this is the best software on the market today for your peripherals.HARDWAREI am an experienced gamer, and have used similar products such as the Logitech g13, and the Belkin n52te keypad for many years. The new Tartarus V2 is overall an excellent product, and definitely an upgrade from the Logitech and Belkin products. The keys are easy to press, and the ergonomic design makes everything feel so natural. I have a small hand, but I can easily reach all the keys with the palm rest in the forward position. The palm rest has a nice cushion on it, which is really comfortable. I use the thumbstick for WASD, and it works perfectly for that. It is much easier on the thumb, and activates much easier than the thumbstick on the n52te. The scroll wheel button is also much easier to activate than on the n52te. The RGB colors are nice, but not quite as nice as on the Logitech mechanical keyboards.BOTTOM LINEThe software great. The hardward is great. I was pleasantly surprised at how much better it was than the reviews made it out to be.

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    Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad Mecha-Membrane Key Switches – 32 Programmable Keys – Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting – Programmable Macros – Classic Black
    Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad Mecha-Membrane Key Switches – 32 Programmable Keys – Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting – Programmable Macros – Classic Black


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