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[New] ATOTO A6 Double Din Car Stereo A6G2A7KL Android Car Stereo in-Dash Navigation Compatible with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, Dual Bluetooth, WiFi/BT/USB Tethering Internet, LRV, 1G+32GB (7 Inch)


About this item ATOTO A6 KarLink (A6 KL) is a new release of ATOTO A6 series car stereo. Its phone integration is improved. Android Auto and CarPlay are supported. A smarter, safer, and more fun method to use your phone in the car. You will have an intuitive way to make calls, text messages, use Maps, and listen to music with just a word or a touch. EasyConnection, a wired phone mirroring option is also available. Some apps that do not support by CarPlay or Android Auto can still run via this option. A6G2A7KL car stereo provides 3 methods for Internet Access – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB Tethering. USB network tethering is a newly introduced option on ATOTO A6 series car stereo, allowing users to share phone data with A6 (KL) via the USB connection (Traditional Android car stereos only have the Wi-Fi option). In addition, It allows users to mount large capacity mobile storage devices (Support the external USB storage and SSD drive, the SD Card is not applicable) for multimedia playback. A6 KL car stereo works with ATOTO AC-HD02LR camera (not included) to have a Live Rear-View (LRV). With the LRV option, users can access the rear view even if the vehicle is moving forward, removing obstructions of headrests & the vehicle’s rear pillars and increasing the field of view. Besides, it accepts 720P HD rear-view and front-view camera input (other car stereo brands can only connect to cameras of 480-600 lines). Say goodbye to the snowy static picture screen when reversing the vehicle. A6 KL supports five touch gesture control. With a two-fingers or three-fingers tap on the screen, you can enter the multi-task menu quickly, go back to the previous menu or adjust the screen display brightness, etc. The operation during driving will be much safer. Besides, A6G2A7KL car stereo applies a 1024*600 IPS display screen, which helps to improve the screen-viewing definition, for instance, you will have a better view of navigation prompts when compared with traditional display screens. A6G2A7KL car stereo adapts the UDH07D mounting style (Universal Double-DIN Head-unit with 7-inch Display). With the universal double-DIN size of 192 mm x 97 mm, it is compatible with almost all dash kits with the double-DIN opening, no trimming / cutting job needed! Besides, you can get continued firmware updates when available to reduce bugs and get new features. Users can find the availability of firmware update notifications from the ATOTO online support system (AOCSS).



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[New] ATOTO A6 Double Din Car Stereo A6G2A7KL Android Car Stereo in-Dash Navigation Compatible with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, Dual Bluetooth, WiFi/BT/USB Tethering Internet, LRV, 1G+32GB (7 Inch)

Product Description

ATOTO A6 KarLink Car Stereo Receiver – Bring You Excellent Connectivity on the Road!


Product Information

  • Product Version:A6 KarLink version with a 7-inch display and a double-DIN base; Model Number: A6G2A7KL (1G+32GB); Mounting Style: UDH07D (Double-DIN Adaptive Head-unit of 7-inch Display);
  • System Information: SoC Chip: UNISOC 8541 ARM Cortex Octa-Core. Operating System: AICE UI 11 (Based on Android 6.0); System Language: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Korean, Dutch, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese.
  • Pre-Amplifier: Built-in Max 4*45W Amplifier with RMS 4*24W (Vcc=14.4v, THD=10%); Be aware that only emphasizing higher max power out does not make any sense, as RMS power out is the most acceptable and practical indicator to tell its max performance for excellent daily listening!
  • Bluetooth & Radio Tuner: Dual Bluetooth (BT1 5.0 & BT2 4.0). Bluetooth1 is Bluetooth 5.0 with SBC codec, and it supports HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP/PBAP protocols; Radio tuner: Built-in high sensitivity FM/AM radio tuner with RDS/RBDS feature (and the radio station name will be displayed if available);
  • Display: Full HD 7-inch 1024*600 5-Touch capacitive Touchscreen with 600cd/m2 IPS screen;
  • GPS/Navigation: Built-in GPS Receiver module with external GPS antenna, and Google Maps app is installed as the default GPS map, users may need to download offline map data for a certain area for offline navigation if preferred. Other maps/navigation apps from Google Play Store can also be installed;
  • Phone Mirroring & Phone Integration Link: Phone Mirroring – EasyConnect app pre-installed, and it supports working with the latest iOS & Android devices (system firmware update may be required). Phone Integration Link (CarPlay & Android Auto Connection) – It seamlessly integrates your smartphone (iPhone & Android) with the A6 KarLink’ s built-in display and controls via a USB and allows you to make phone calls, access your music, send and receive messages, get directions
  • Wi-Fi / Microphone: All ATOTO A6 KarLink series have a built-in microphone & ultra external Wi-Fi antenna (Silver plated copper wire). For the ATOTO A6 KarLink version, an external microphone is also provided! The A6G2A7KL uses the latest built-in MEMS microphone so that the phone call quality can match up with some factory car microphones!
  • Some Other Features: Fast System Boot – Start the car & access system within 2 seconds; USB network tethering – sharing your phone data with A6 KL head-units via USB connection (EasyConnect app); Live Rear-View (LRV) – Now you can access rear-view even if your vehicle in moving ahead. This could remove obstructions caused by passengers, headrests and the vehicle’s roof & rear pillars, increasing the field of view and allowing the driver to have an unimpeded view of the lanes behind and traditional blind-spots.

Inputs,Outputs & Slots

  • HD 720P Rear-view camera input; you can connect a specific HD rear-view camera (ATOTO AC-HD02LR, sold separately. The AC-HD03LR is not compatible.) to have the HD live rear-view;
  • FCAM HD 720P front camera video input;
  • 2 USB interfaces: one is for data communication, reading up to max. 512 GB USB flash drives and 2 TB SSD devices (unlimited external storage devices), and the other is for the phone connection (CarPlay / Android Auto / EasyConnection);
  • AUX Audio (left and right) / Video input; and separate Sub-woof Out (2v);
  • 4-CH RCA Audio Out (2v) for connecting to factory / aftermarket amplifier;

Vehicle Fit:

  • Most dashboard mounting frame suppliers from North America may provide a double-DIN mounting frame with 172mm*97mm opening (Metra dash kit, PAC dash kit,etc). ATOTO is the first one to bring an Android 7-inch car stereo with a minimum 172mm*97mm front panel dimension. An extra frame adapter is also included in the package to extend its size to 178mm*101.5mm;
  • Extra accessories may be required to finish installation in a specific vehicle (not provided in the package). It is the buyer’s responsibility to prepare them (if applicable). They may include (but are not limited to) a dash frame kit, a wiring harness, a radio antenna adapter, a CANBUS data interface, etc.


  • Optional parts for working with ATOTO A6 KarLink (sold separately): 1. ATOTO AC-44P2 1080P On-dash DVR Camera; 2. ATOTO AC-44F5 Steering wheel IR Remote; 3.ATOTO AC-4450 Bluetooth OBD II scanner / Code Reader; 4. ATOTO AC-HD02LR HD Rear-view Camera; 5. ATOTO AC-UTP1 USB TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor); Some of them must be connected before installation; All optional accessories can be found;

Apple CarPlay Makes Driving Smarter

Use all your essential iPhone functions on the road, with Apple CarPlay. Connect your phone via cable, and you’ll see a familiar interface displayed clearly on the screen. Tap the icons to take calls, check voicemails and text messages, or bring up maps. And of course, listen to your favorite songs using iTunes, Apple Music, or installed apps. Apple CarPlay even lets you talk to Siri to control everything using voice commands. You can dictate text messages, control music playback, or get directions, without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Here are the compatible apps list for Apple iPhone:;

More apps may be added to the compatible apps list in the future;


Android Auto Gives You All the Help You Need

Journeys are easier and safer with help from Android Auto. Connect your Android phone via cable to get traffic information, lane guidance, and real-time navigation assistance from Google maps. You can even send text messages, take calls, or check your voicemail through the simple interface. Android Auto also includes outstanding voice-recognition technology, so you can control everything just by speaking. Get directions, send messages, make calls, and control music while keeping your hands safely on the wheel.

Here is the compatible apps list for Android

More apps may be added to the compatible apps list by Google in the future;


Three Ways to Access Internet-Install Android Apps, play music online, run online map&get real-time traffic, connect many external devices to expand functions

  • A6 KarLink can provide 3 options for internet access(1). Connect to the phone’s hotspot via 2.4Ghz WiFi; (2).Connect to Phone Bluetooth and enable Bluetooth tethering option, (3). Use Phone data via USB network tethering feature (an exclusive feature from ATOTO. EasyConnect app is required);
  • Running online maps or streaming music online on Android car stereo does not need high bandwidth(less than200kb/s), Bluetooth tethering connection is capable of dealing with such demand.
  • Compared with WiFi connection, Bluetooth tethering has lower power consumption, so phone battery will last much longer while Bluetooth tethering is enabled;
  • WiFi connection is easier as it requires only one step – enable your phone’s WLAN hotspot; Bluetooth connection requires 2-3 steps;
  • USB Network Tethering is newly introduced option by ATOTO, and it allows users to share phone data with A6 KarLink via USB connection. This could help save the phone battery, or even increase your phone battery level slightly; You only need to run the specific EasyConnect application in the background;

Install countless Android apps from Google Play Store

  • More than 1000 apps from Google Play Store have been tested installable on ATOTO A6 KarLink, especially media/entertainment apps and navigation apps in the category of “Auto & Vehicles”. Very few app developers may specify devices / system environments that are allowed to install or run their apps, which results in the inability to install or run on any Android car stereos. Netflix is the case;

IPS ScreenIPS Screen




178° Full-viewing Angle IPS Display screen, Brilliant Viewing Experience

The A6 KarLink series applies the 178° full-viewing angle IPS display screen, which helps improve the viewing experience in strong daylight, and important app tips such as navigation prompts could be viewed clearer than traditional display screen;

In addition, IPS display technology has outstanding color rendition, as well as retaining displaying naturalness;

It is Easy to Control / Operate Your ATOTO A6 KL!

*Operating a car stereo while driving can be quite dangerous. The ATOTO A6 KarLink provides frequently-used functions for matching with the steering wheel audio key.

*For cars without steering wheel audio control, the ATOTO AC-44F5 Steering Wheel IR Remote is highly recommended (Sold Separately);

*The ATOTO A6 KarLink series enables five touch gestures that support two-finger / three-finger tap on screen to enter multi-task menu quickly, switch between preset EQ modes, adjust the screen brightness, etc., which improves the operation safety during driving.

HD 720P Rear-View Video Display,with the Live Rear-View (LRV) Feature

Traditional car stereos can only take and display 400-600 lines CVBS rear-view video signal. ATOTO A6 KarLink works with a specific HD camera (AC-HD02LR) to show HD 720P rear-view video quality. Say goodbye to snowy static picture screen when reversing vehicle.

*Live Rear-View (LRV) Feature – Access Rear-view even if the vehicle in moving ahead. This could remove obstructions caused by passengers, headrests and the vehicle’s roof & rear pillars, increasing the field of view (the lanes behind and traditional blind-spots).

*The specified backup camera (AC-HD02LR) for Live Rear-View is sold separately.

Highest Compatibility For Vehicle Fit / Installation

The dimension of double-DIN head-unit case for installation has ISO Standard (178mm*100mm / 7″x3.94″), but the dimension of the front face-plate part doesn’t. Lots of users encountered issues / hassles with other double-DIN head-units when installation dash kits are applied.

ATOTO A6G2A7KL is compatible with most installation dash kit brands (Metra/Scosche/PAC dash kit). No trimming/cutting job required.

If your car requires extra vehicle specific CANBUS data interface to finish installation, please get the right one in advance. We do not provide them.

The depth of A6G2A7KL head-unit case is much shorter than conventional double-DIN units. This could leave plenty of room for cabling and other accessories in the space behind the display.



BT Screen LockBT Screen Lock

Products online registerProducts online register

Fast Boot – Access the System Less Than 2 Seconds

To speed up the boot time of the Android system from 25s to only 2s is never easy. Protecting the car battery from draining out, as well as ensuring a quick boot available every time you start the engine are the two key essentials. This feature has been tested in more than 100000 pcs of ATOTO products (A6 & S8) and is reliable enough. The inner clock will count and if the vehicle is parked for more than 7 days, it will be automatically powered off to save car battery power.

Constant Firmware Updates From ATOTO

ATOTO has been continuously improving the system firmware of the ATOTO A6 KarLink series every a few weeks or months once necessary. Get continued firmware updates to ensure fewer bugs or new features are added.

Users can find the availability of firmware update notifications by logging into the AOCSS.

Personal Privacy Protection without Sacrificing Convenience

In order to protect Google / Facebook & other SNS accounts from being accessed, the A6 KarLink has a screen lock option for users to lock the screen when the car (car stereo) is not in their control (Valet Parking, or vehicle taken by others). An additional option (Unlock with Bluetooth) allows users to unlock the A6 KarLink screen once phone Bluetooth is connected automatically. You do not have to input the password manually to unlock the screen. Now, all you need to lock or unlock your A6 KarLink is just walk out of its Bluetooth range.

Online Product Protection Registration

ATOTO buyers can register the products purchased from the online marketplace or ATOTO dealers on the AOCSS system ( with a few steps, and can also take the chance to get extended 180-day product protection by following extra specified requirements announced on the AOCSS web system. Registering products could help users to achieve support easily with top priority (since we could access the initial order details & product SN information up on receiving your request).



F7 Standard






F7 Standard

F7 Pro


S8 Standard
System Firmware Based On Android Android Linux Linux Linux Android
Display Screen 1024X600 IPS (600cd/m2) 1024X600 IPS (600cd/m2) 1024X600 IPS (600cd/m2) 1024X600 IPS (600cd/m2) 1024*600 QLED(600cd/m2) 7inch: 1024*600 IPS (600cd/m2)
Phone Quick Charge X X

Network Connection WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth/USB Tethering network WiFi hotspot , Bluetooth & USB Tethering Internet x x x WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth/USB Tethering network
Built-in Preamplifier Built-in Max 4*45W Amplifier with RMS 4*24W Built-in Max 4*45W Amplifier with RMS 4*24W Built-in Max 4*45W Amplifier with RMS 4*24W Built-in Max 4*49W Amplifier with RMS 4*29W Built-in Max 4*49W Amplifier with RMS 4*29W Built-in Max 4*45W Amplifier with RMS 4*24W
Inputs & Outputs 2 Video Inputs, No Video Output 2 Video Inputs; Extra USB-to-RCA or USB-to-HDMI adapter required for Video Output YES (Dual-Zone display), only USB Video playback can be output) YES (Dual-Zone display), only USB Video playback can be output) YES (Dual-Zone display), only USB Video playback can be output) 2 Video Inputs; Extra USB-to-RCA or USB-to-HDMI adapter required for Video Output
Bluetooth Hardware Dual Bluetooth (BT1 5.0 & BT2 4.0) Dual Bluetooth (BT1 5.0 & BT2 4.0) Bluetooth 4.2 with SBC codec Bluetooth 4.2 with SBC codec Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Bluetooth,(BT1 5.0 & BT2 4.1)
Rearview Camera Video Input HD Rearview Camera Input with Live Rearview (LRV) feature HD Rearview Camera Input with Live Rearview (LRV) feature HD Rearview Camera Input with Live Rearview (LRV) feature HD Rearview Camera Input with Live Rearview (LRV) feature HD Rearview Camera Input with Live Rearview (LRV) feature HD Rearview Camera Input, support Virtual Surround View parking assistance technology and Live Rearview feature
CarPlay/Android Auto Connection(CP/AA) Wired CP & AA Wired CP & AA Wired CP & AA Wired CP & AA Wireless & Wired CarPlay and Android Auto Wired CP & AA, plus Wireless CP

Specification: [New] ATOTO A6 Double Din Car Stereo A6G2A7KL Android Car Stereo in-Dash Navigation Compatible with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, Dual Bluetooth, WiFi/BT/USB Tethering Internet, LRV, 1G+32GB (7 Inch)

Package Dimensions

12.57 x 9.77 x 6.97 inches

Item Weight

3.49 pounds



Customer Reviews

/* * Fix for UDP-1061. Average customer reviews has a small extra line on hover * */ .noUnderline a:hover { text-decoration: none; } 4.2 out of 5 stars 4,942 ratings P.when('A', 'ready').execute(function(A) { A.declarative('acrLink-click-metrics', 'click', { "allowLinkDefault" : true }, function(event){ if(window.ue) { ue.count("acrLinkClickCount", (ue.count("acrLinkClickCount"), 0) + 1); } }); }); P.when('A', 'cf').execute(function(A) { A.declarative('acrStarsLink-click-metrics', 'click', { "allowLinkDefault" : true }, function(event){ if(window.ue) { ue.count("acrStarsLinkWithPopoverClickCount", (ue.count("acrStarsLinkWithPopoverClickCount"), 0) + 1); } }); }); 4.2 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#10,218 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #33 in Car In-Dash Navigation GPS Units

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer





1 GB

Wireless communication technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB Tethering, AM/FM

Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


GPS Enabled

Special Features

7 inch Touchscreen, Live Rear-view, Privacy Protection, 2 Seconds Boot, FCAM HD 720P front camera video input, 2 USB interfaces for data communication, HD 720P Rear-view camera input

Display resolution


Other display features

GPS or Navigation System

Scanner Resolution

1024 x 600


A6 KarLink 1G+32G-KL



Date First Available

April 1, 2021

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  1. Dr. Righteous

    Unit works as promised. Good quality LCD display, boots very quickly, very fast switching from app to app. It comes with Google Maps install but I installed WAZE and it works great. The factory GPS antenna is compatible with the GPS jack on the back of the unit with very slight (and easy) modification. The included GPS app reports signal resolution within 3 feet. You don’t get much better than that. Unit has it’s own WI-Fi antenna. I install this on the A-Pillar of the truck. Gets great reception from the house Wi-Fi. Connected to my LG phone first time without issues, was making hands free calls in minutes. I have this unit driving 4 Rockford Fosgate 6×9 speakers and it sound GREAT. Better than the factory radio. This model offers a DVR function when paired with the matching 720p video camera.(sold separately) IT will record live video onto the micro-SD card when installed in the slot in the front bezel of the unit. This unit also features all the line level RCA connections with 4v output needed to expand to external amplifiers for better sound. I couldn’t ask for much more. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!UPDATE 9/14Since this head unit offers a lot of neat features I’ll update everyone on what I’ve found since it was installed in May(2018). First I had trouble running WAZE NAV software. After using it for a couple hour it caused the A6 to reboot. Running Google Maps I had no such issue. I’ve since switched to Sygic NAV and it works 100%.I added the recommended ATOTO USB camera also. It give great video quality even thought it is only 720p video. DVR Recording is 100% automatic, you don’t have to touch anything to have a front facing video record of your driving. The video files are written to a high speed micro USB card in the slot in the bezel. The A6 has a video player also so you can review the recordings if needed.I’ve added a 5 channel power amp to drive the 4 door speakers and a 10″ sub. Sound quality is GREAT. I’m very pleased with the performance of the A6. No negatives I can honestly blame on unit except the fact some of the built in apps that are included are not as feature filled as what you can get from the Play store. I didn’t like the limited ability of the built in music player app, so I chose PowerAmp player that does everything I want and works very well.I’m looking forward to many more miles and smiles while on the road with the Atoto A6.Cheers!!

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  2. Keegan

    Install was easy. Did not include a separate microphone input for speaker phone, however the mic in the face works very well.Using it for the past week, I’d say it’s better than advertised. Integration with my iPhone has been seamless. I can either turn on hotspot, and use for navigation, or just stream BT audio straight from my phone. Calls are hands free and very clear. Running torque with a BT adapter is great, as I now have an eye on parameters of my vehicle I didn’t before.I will say that the volume buttons “seem” backwards to me. As the left button turns up, and the right one turns down. But that’s not a show stopper.All and all if you are looking at carjoying, pumpkin, or this. I’d recommend this hands down.

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  3. Maurizio Di Pasquale

    Installed but have some issue with GPS. While is navigating , it shut off by itself while the radio keeps running. The app ( google Maps ) close by itself and the unit goes back to the home. Installed a different offline GPS App but didn’t try it yet. Will update next few days.UPDATE May 9th. The best app to install is Tom tom GPS. It works perfectly and the radio handle it without issue. In this way no Internet required. So far is a good radio.UPDATE May 11th. Radio works great. Customer service provided a solution for Google Maps. Everything works great. Now I have two GPS app installed and I can select whatever I like.

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  4. MarmoMan

    UPDATED REVIEW 9/3/2018….Working with ATOTO engineers to resolve issues previously listed. So far customer service is very responsive, even on weekends. There are still some minor issues but, I think some of the issues will be solved with a software update which ATOTO is known for producing often.

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  5. xP.1337

    Installed in my 03 F150 with not much fan fare. Not my first head unit install, and this one went as smooth as I could have hoped. Audio quality was SURPRISING! I did not expect it to sound this good. In fact, due to the factory sound, I never got around to installing my Polk 4 channel amp. Though I will move forward with that this summer. It sounds far better than my factory 2016 WRX radio. Mind you I am currently running polk 2-way 5×7’s in the front and factory ford speakers in the rear.Boots very quick, though it seems like the wifi card or memory is a bit slow. It takes a VERY long time to download my music on wifi despite being connected to an ASUS gaming router and a 1Gb/s internet connection.Blue tooth is clear, and i did not get to install the factory Mic, so I am only using the front one. My exhaust is a bit loud so people do say they have to turn up their bluetooth to hear me better, but I am clear enough.GPS works, if its up to date. Remember to connect it and download your local maps (using google maps).The amazon music app is just as buggy as it is on your phone. Cant blame the head unit for Amazon’s inability to make a proper app capable of offline music.Equalizer sounded best on “classical”. You can use after market apps.Bluetooth one is controlled through the phone icon. Bluetooth 2 through the android drop down menu. Takes a little getting use to. Radio reception is actually better than the Pioneer Navi unit it was replacing, but that unit was 8 years old.If Atoto made the factory fit replacement unit for my 16 WRX i wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. In fact I have recommend this unit to other people because for sub $250, it cant be beat at this time.I plan on installing a backup camera when I install my subs and amps this spring.

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  6. Brent Vogl

    This is an early review with my first impressions of the A6Y2721PRB-G 2GB/32G (referred to as their Pro version). I’ll periodically update this review with more pictures, details and feedback. I’ve had a fair bit of experience with android radios. I’ve had a total of 4. Out of the various brands I’ve tried I really prefer the Atoto. I still own their A62721P (premium version), it was moved from my truck to my wife’s car and still works great. All the Android radios are so much better than pioneer, jvc, kenwood etc, but the Atoto wins between Androids.The main differences between the two Atoto radios: The Pro version (the one I’m reviewing now) has Physical buttons, Gesture control, Aux-In on the front, an extra video-in on the back, the GPS And WIFI antennas push in rather than screw in, added 5 Ghz wifi band, the screen is slightly inlaid rather than completely flush, better screen, bluetooth 5 over 4, More powerful built in amp that supports 2 ohm speakers. There might be other differences as well but this is the ones I know of.**By the way if you already have an Atoto radio… the harness, while being the same fit, has a different pin out. So don’t try to use your old Atoto harness with the new radio.**Similarities: Both have Full HD 7″ 1024*600 5 touch point screens, Dual bluetooth radios, preinstalled torque app, both build in and external mics, 2 sec boot, GPS with external Antenna, Android 6.0, built in steering wheel control, Easy connected app (similar to miracast), google play store, sd card slots, 2gb ram, 32 gb onboard storage, DVR input, video inputs, and reverse camera input, subwoofer out, same CPU and GPU, audio and sub RCA outputs. There’s other similarities but that’s the main stuff.Review A6Y2721PRB-G:The screen looks amazing! it’s very responsive, and clear, has great viewing angles, and even after sitting for several days the radio boots up instantly. It’s running android 6.0 which is newer than a lot of android radios. I used to be more concerned with what version of android the radios run. To a certain extent its nice to have a newer version, but its more important that the device works well and is laid out nicely. Atoto seems like a brand that actually uses the products in their own cars. They designed the radio to be convenient and intuitive. For instance the navigation bar with home, back, and recents are on the bottom left, easily accessible by the driver. Easy connected (similar to mirror link) worked the first time I tried, and allows me to view my phone on the screen and navigate via the Atoto touchscreen. It comes pre installed with torque, and connects easily every time to my OBD2 bluetooth dongle. I love having all the gauges to keep an eye on important parameters for the 6.0 Superduty.I have a backup camera which is nice for trailers and I added a parking camera to my front grill. It’s nice having this parking camera, my truck sits up high and it looks like im going to eat the car in front of me when I’m still several feet away. Now I can see just how close I am.Radio doesn’t need a seperate module for steering controls, . It’s built in. It does has to be an analog signal rather than digital. (digital signal will need a converter) Just connect the steering wire and open the settings to program it. For my F250 its number 18 in the factory harness adapter connected to either one of the steering control wires on the radio harness. My wifes Fusion has 2 wires #18 and 19. #19 gets grounded while the other was connected the same as my F250. There’s a lot of steering control options to choose fro, but I used Next Track, Home button, and volume up and down. Although since this has gesture control for volume +/-, and mute which works surprisingly well I’m considering using the UP/Down for other features. There are two bluetooth adapters. It’s a little different how it’s laid out, one is accessible via the bluetooth app, and the other is through the settings. It takes a little getting used to at first but its easy once you do it. Basically the one for the bluetooth app (Bluetooth1) is for your phone, calls and music etc, the other one I use for my OBD2 adapter, or for bluetooth tethering.The sound is great, better than my factory radio and better than the other androids I used. It has a convenient eq button on the lower bar with several presets. (flat, rock, pop etc) The default launcher is nice and the radio widget works well, but I like to use Car Launcher Pro. (found in the play store) I feel like it gives a cleaner more factory look. Other than that, all my apps work as they should, Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, Play music, Spotify etc. This is the main reason these radios are so much better than the big name brands like JVC, Pioneer, etc. You have so much more you can do with these.Quick pro list:Fast bootAmazing screenSounds greatButton layoutsd card slotseveral video inputs and USB slotsNewer Version of AndroidGPS/NavigationBluetooth/WIFIMirrorLinkGoogle Play storeGesture controlTorque AppAuto Dim with headlightVolume reduction when reversingCons: I haven’t been using the Radio for very long, and this list is short because it’s such an amazing radio it’s hard to find complaints.1)I think I do prefer the look of the flush screen and swiping or touching close to the edge isn’t as easy, although they designed it to slope away from the screen so it’s actually pretty good and much better than another radio I used. The reason the screen is inlaid is to have room for the physical buttons, which are nice, and I think mandatory if you don’t have steering controls.2) Apps can be slow to update. I’ve noticed this with all the android radios I’ve used. I usually just connect to wifi or my unlimited hotspot let them do their thing and come back to it later. Really it’s not like you will be adding tons of apps anyway, mostly just music, video, and GPS apps.3)The steering wheel control setup is limited to a single button press, one of my android radios also allowed long press, so I could configure 8 items instead of only 4. They did add some additional items to the steering control list though which is nice.4)This isnt a con for me personally. But for some it might be a deal breaker. It lacks video out, so headrest monitors are a no go. (although could probably work something out with screen cast and apps like youtube, pandora, Netflix etc.)Brief comparison to what I like over other Android Radios I’ve used:1) Android version is newer (6 vs 5).2) The Atoto layout is more thought out with home, recent and back controls near the driver. (bottom left rather than top right)3) The Atoto boots instantly. Some of the others took over 35 secs.4) The Atoto EQ is quickly accessible5) The gesture control is useful and more than just a novelty7) External mic in addition to the internal one8) Easy connected worked on both Atotos first try, not so with the other brand I tried.9) It Auto connects to hotspot. Can you believe one radio I tried did not auto connect to WIFI?!!Overall the Atoto is a much nicer experience than any other Android radio I’ve used!Subwoofer:The subwoofer control is the same as my other Atoto. To enable it you go into sound> subwoofer> enable it and choose a crossover setting. There’s a setting for automatic or manual sub control. Automatic goes up and down with the music, and manual adjusts independently with a slider. You have to use the crossover to use the sub out. I don’t like this because my amp has a better built in crossover and I prefer to use it, but when running both crossovers it sounds muddy. With my old Atoto I just used the radio crossover. This time I decided to use the Rear audio outputs (not the sub out) and use my amps crossover. I have a seperate bass control knob as well. I prefer this setup, and hopefully in the future Atoto will address this and allow more control of the sub in the radio.Gesture: I touched on Gesture a little bit earlier. Basically there is a sensor on the front left side of the radio. Based on the action of your hand/fingers it will do various radio functions. It works from about a foot away. I only use volume +/- which work very well and reliably. And mute. I thought gestures might just be a novelty with little practical application. But they actually work really well and can free up some of the steering controls for other things. By default: To mute you wave at it. For volume up or down you rotate your hand or fingers in a circular motion clockwise or counter clock for down. It’s pretty cool and works easily. You can also change the gestures to quite a few other things, like navigation, aux in, front camera etc. Today I discovered a neat little trick! If you set the default navigation app in settings to a different app (such as torque) you can set a gesture to open navigation, this will then launch the app you set as navigation! This same trick can be applied to steering wheel controls.That’s it for the review, as I said previously I’ll update this review as a continue to use it. I’ll also post more pictures and do a video in the near future. If you’re in the market for a smart radio, I haven’t found anything better than Atoto at any price point. My previous Atoto has been used every day by me for a year and is still being used in my wife’s car. It looks and functions like new. They build quality units and listen to their customers. With the original A6 people complained about the radio launching at startup regardless of what app was last used. Atoto released an MCU update that addressed that behavior. Atoto support is always very fast to respond.Edit: 2 month update Aug/25/18. Still enjoying the radio. Definitely the best Android radio I’ve had! I’ve added their dash cam which is really nice and auto records when the radio comes on. I’ll write it’s own product review. I’ve changed the gestures around. I now use volume control on my steering buttons. This frees up the two circular hand gestures. I use the front camera input (front parking camera) for clockwise hand gesture, and counter clockwise gesture opens my torque app.Torque is my most used app and the other is just more convenient. I don’t want to be pushing a bunch of buttons when I’m trying to park, a quick gesture and my parking camera is on the screen.The radio has 3 video inputs, rear camera, front camera and aux. The instructions RCA diagram says the the front camera RCA isn’t used, this isn’t true. It is used, and does work.If you use aux in for your video feed the audio will mute and be directed to the aux audio channels. Rca front camera in will not mute the audio. So depending on what you’re trying to accomplish you can choose the appropriate video channel.Their dash cam uses USB so you could have up to 4 cameras on various channels. And even more if you use splitters and toggle switches. I’d like to add 360 degree cameras, and hoping Atoto will release a product to fill this area.

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  7. Robert

    Really great system. Huge improvement over the M4 series. I have a 2011 Subaru Outback, bought the metra 2DIN faceplate and wiring harness. If you go to the Crutchfield website and enter your car they have a feature that tells you all the parts you need to add an aftermarket head unit. I bought all of the connection parts there. I installed both the units myself with no previous experience installing a head unit. Took a whole weekend and a lot of self-guided instruction but worked perfectly both times. The reason I chose ATOTO to begin with is the 2 sec. load feature. It’s really great to turn the engine on, program the map right away and then hit the road. Waiting 30 sec. or so for a boot would be frustrating.Biggest problems with the previous M4 and improvements in the A6:M4: Microphone was terrible bordering on unusable.A6: Microphone is loud and clear. My wife told me she had to turn the volume on her phone down because the microphone was so loud. No more screaming into the microphone!M4: No bluetooth tethering. Wi-fi tethering worked but dropped frequently and awkward to connect.A6: Bluetooth tethering works very well. Big problem with the tethering system in general is that Android no longer allows turning tethering on and off via a macro so it has to be done manually. I added a shortcut to the A6 screen that links to the Bluetooth2 settings so that I can easily turn tethering on even if I forget to do it on my handset when I first start the car. Apparently, Android 8.0 will allow automation of this feature again, can’t wait.M4: Frequent crashes. Really slow to load large apps like google maps.A6: I bought the model with more RAM and it is a huge improvement. For the extra money it is well worth it. Much more responsive and stable.M4: No physical buttons!!! Basically unusable unless you get steering wheel controls working, even then feels limited.A6: Probably the best improvement. It is dangerous to only have touch buttons while you’re driving because you have to take your eyes off the road to press them. The physical button layout is not how I would have done it but it feels so much safer to be able to make changes without looking away.I have the discontinued ATOTO backup camera as well. I had it installed at Best Buy because I didn’t want to take apart the whole car to install it. Cost $100 to install, money well spent. Camera works great. High enough resolution you can read license plates with it. Many other stock backup cams I’ve seen are very poor resolution.Support is responsive but located in China so responses are usually delayed 12-24 hours. All of my support questions are always answered very thoroughly and generally don’t require follow up questions. No noticeable English issues when receiving support. They are open to suggestions as well and several of the things I suggested for the M4 have made it into the A6.The pictures are of the unit in place in the Outback. Looks like it belongs. The buttons below are from the stock Subaru bluetooth unit that I disconnected. I still haven’t figured out how to wire those buttons into the A6 but it would be awesome if Subaru would give me the wiring diagram for it.Cons: no android auto since it is technically a tablet so the system will not read your texts, alert you to texts, etc. Not a major loss but would be a good feature.

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  8. nuclearmatt

    I purchased this June 15th, installed it June 17th, and decided to wait until now (July 29th) so that I could give an accurate and comprehensive account of my experience. I was hesitant to buy it at first, just based off of some of the other reviews, but now I realize that their problems may have been caused by improper installation of the unit (improperly connected wires would burn out even a Pioneer). I recommend carefully reading the installation instructions once or twice before starting, and also buying a new wiring harness for your particular vehicle that includes a color code guide. I also strongly encourage you to disconnect the battery before even messing with the wiring or plugging in the unit, otherwise you cause damage to it. Now for my experience using it… I really honestly love it. I looked around for a long time trying to find something that was reasonable in cost, but still provided me with all the conveniences of a significantly more expensive (400-700$) unit like a Pioneer, Kenwood, or even JVC. In order to make my review more readable, here’s a break down of things that I felt were important. Also, I completed the install on my 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab, using the Metra 95-6522B Double DIN kit.SOUND QUALITY: The built in equalizer is not amazing, BUT, if you have an app like Spotify you can set the stereo equalizer to Natural or Flat and then turn on the equalizer in Spotify, and the sound is beautiful. As soon as my wife showed me that I could do that, the difference was like night and day. I should also add that I installed a brand new set of Boss speakers in my truck, but no sub-woofer setup.DISPLAY/TOUCHSCREEN QUALITY: Significantly better than the touchscreen stereo I previously had in my truck. It’s basically like having an Android tablet built in to the stereo. When using Google Maps, the text is clear and sharp. I can even read my email, or a pdf document comfortably. The touchscreen is very responsive, and doesn’t require an excessive amount of pressure.VIDEO QUALITY: I frequently use this to watch YouTube, or Hulu during my lunch breaks, and as before it’s just like watching it on a small laptop or tablet screen.GPS ACCURACY: The GPS antenna is great, accurate, and there’s almost no lag in position update. What my wife and I will typically do is turn on the mobile hot spot in our phones so that we can connect the stereo to internet, and then use Google Maps to load the directions and start the navigation. I’ve done this many times for long trips, and it’s worked out great every time. Even without an internet connection, you can still use the map and GPS to navigate yourself, which is something we’ve also done once or twice while stuck out in the woods.WI-FI CONNECTION: I can easily pickup the Wi-Fi signal sitting in the driveway near our home, and download updates, etc… Though usually I just turn the hot spot in my phone, and the connection is fast and reliable.BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: I’ve never had an issue with this unit and connecting to my Android phone or my wife’s iPhone, it’s easy to setup and modify connections, and connects immediately. I previously had issues with with my old stereo and the Bluetooth connection randomly dropping/disconnecting and then reconnecting, but I haven’t had any problems with this one.OTHER: So there are other attachments you can buy to use with this stereo. A Backup Camera, Front Facing Camera, OBDII Bluetooth Reader, and in my case an Amplified Data Interface to keep the stereo on until you open the cab doors. Eventually I would like to install all of these things.CUSTOMER SERVICE: They have great customer service, I got a full response within 24-48 hrs, and they even took the time to send me links to additional components that I might need for my particular install. I’m not sure why they’ve gotten some poor reviews for their customer service or helpfulness, they honestly do seem to care about doing whatever they can to help you.OVERALL RECOMMENDATION: Having used this unit heavily over the last month and a half, I can say that I wholeheartedly recommend buying this unit. If you’ve got a used or older vehicle that you love, but don’t really want to put a 700$ stereo in it, but still want to have all the features of a newer stereo, this unit is perfect for you. I’m very happy with my purchase, and if this unit ever died on me in the future, I would still come back and buy another one. Also, this stereo WILL fit with the Metra Dash kit for the 2002-2005 Dodge Ram 1500s, you’ll just have to cut out some more plastic on the inside of the dash so the unit slides all the way back properly.

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  9. V. Barney

    UPDATE: Feb. 2021Updated to add pictures of the installation in my NA Miata (1991), since Amazon wasn’t allowing pictures when I did my original review. With the right adapter, this is a clean install in the non-standard DIN opening of the first gen Miata. As for functionality, nothing has changed. It still works as described in my original review.I installed the A6 Pro Without Gestures in my NA Miata in Jan. 2020. I was drawn to this unit by other reviews in car forums that extolled the screen brightness (important in a convertible) and relatively stable functionality, along with very responsive customer support. I’ve found all to be true.The reason I got to experience interaction with support was due to some issues trying to run the Amazon Music app on the unit. I was running into a problem where, within 1-3 hours after logging in and registering the device with my Music account, Amazon would “forget” that the device was registered to me, and I’d have to go through a long process to log in again, and transfer authorization back to my device. Amazon support was absolutely no help. Chat agents kept logging off in the middle of a chat and a promised call back from them never happened.I reached out to Atoto support and had a response in my in-box the next morning. The rep worked with me very patiently over several days until we resolved the issue. It turned out that I had to reset factory data to make the app generate a new device ID that Amazon would recognize. It’s been working fine since.It does run a little slow compared to a modern phone, especially when downloading and installing apps, so allow plenty of time for that. And I’ve discovered that it needs to just run the native versions of Google and the Google apps for best performance. Recent updates to Google and to Google Maps cause some issues with data connectivity on some streaming apps (e.g. SiriusXM and Amazon Music). That and the Amazon Music app issue have been the only real hiccups and they’re both resolved to my satisfaction. Due to the custom nature of the Atoto Android OS, it doesn’t appear to be making use of some of the updated features in Google and Maps anyway, so I don’t have any complaints running the older versions. Other apps I run regularly are SiriusXM, Amazon Music, YouTube, Google Maps, Waze, and doubleTwist Music Player.GPS signals are strong, once I figured out not to tightly bundle the excess antenna cable behind the head unit. I found a way to let the cable loosely spread under my dash, and the signal went from 1-2 satellites to 10+. The WiFi antenna works well.I had initially been using Bluetooth tethering, but one compromise with this unit is that it will not make the final tethering connection automatically to the phone. No matter what automated task apps you try to run, that final connection still requires human interaction. I have since switched to WiFi tethering which, although it uses more battery on the phone, connects automatically and has very good throughput. Since I normally plug my phone in to charge when in the car, I’ll take the automatic connection of the WiFi over the lower battery use of the BT tether. And I can always force a BT tether with just a couple of clicks if needed.I am not running the native launcher, preferring to run Agama Car Launcher Pro, which I find works well. I am not currently running any reverse or front cameras, or TPMS apps, so I can’t speak to how well those work.I’m extremely happy with the hands-free phone performance. I elected not to run the external mic in my initial installation, because I wanted to see how the mic on the front panel performed. I am happy to say that I can carry on a conversation in normal voice, at highway speed, with the TOP DOWN! Was kind of shocked, actually, but my wife on the other end said it wasn’t really that much louder than when I call her from the BMW, and I sounded very clear on her end. In the car, voices come through very strong and clear, with plenty of volume.Audio performance is first-rate. I am using the Atoto’s internal amplifier to drive my door speakers and 4 headrest speakers. The equalizer and listening position settings let me tune the sound perfectly for the Miata. The OEM radio did very well in that regard, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sound is even better with the Atoto unit. There are preset equalizer settings, but if you customize the “FLAT” settings, it will remember them for you. I’ve played music from both a jump drive and a micro-SD with no problems. I do wish the FM radio app had a little better user interface, but then again, I very rarely listen to FM anymore.For installation in the Miata, which has a non-standard opening that doesn’t play well with 2DIN units, I am using the 2-DIN installation cage from Jass Performance for a clean, essentially flush installation. I would add pics but Amazon seems to have disabled that. (pics and reviews can be found in the forums.)

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  10. Brian B.

    If you’re in the market to purchase a new car stereo, and you’re an Android person, this is the one for you. I had a JVC for years and it recently died, so I was looking for it’s replacement. I spent hours researching all the new features and different manufacturers. When I found the Atoto A6, my search was over. This is exactly what I was looking for. It has 3 USB ports that you can use for flash drives and charging phones. Also has a micro SD slot for additional storage. Everything else is like using a Android tablet. Any app you can get from the Play Store, you can install on this. The radio comes with a WIFI and GPS antenna. The Waze app works very well (even offline). I also puchased the dash cam, connected via USB and works great, so far. I had some trouble getting the steering wheel controls to work, but support was very responsive and we got them working. I have a 2013 Jeep Wrangler so if you’re on the fence, make the purchase, you won’t regret it.

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    [New] ATOTO A6 Double Din Car Stereo A6G2A7KL Android Car Stereo in-Dash Navigation Compatible with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, Dual Bluetooth, WiFi/BT/USB Tethering Internet, LRV, 1G+32GB (7 Inch)
    [New] ATOTO A6 Double Din Car Stereo A6G2A7KL Android Car Stereo in-Dash Navigation Compatible with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, Dual Bluetooth, WiFi/BT/USB Tethering Internet, LRV, 1G+32GB (7 Inch)


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