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Garmin Montana 700, Rugged GPS Handheld, Routable Mapping for Roads and Trails, Glove-Friendly 5″ Color Touchscreen

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About this item Rugged construction is rated to MIL-STD 810 for thermal, shock, water and vibration 5” glove-friendly touchscreen display (50% larger than the previous model) offers easy viewability; available with versatile mounting options Multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) support — plus preloaded TopoActive maps; outdoor navigation sensors include 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter Pro-connected with ANT+ technology, Wi-Fi connectivity and BLUETOOTH wireless networking, giving you direct-to-device access to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery downloads, location sharing, Connect IQ app support and more Compatible with the Garmin Explore website and app to help you manage waypoints, routes, activities and collections, use tracks and review trip data from the field



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Montana 700Montana 700

Garmin Montana 700

Track your adventures on any terrain.

Montana 700Montana 700

Montana 700Montana 700

Montana 700Montana 700


This durable, water-resistant handheld is tested to U.S. military standards and features a glove-friendly 5” touchscreen that’s 50% larger than previous Montana models.


To navigate your adventures, use preloaded topographical maps for the U.S. and Canada. View terrain contours, elevations, coastlines, rivers, landmarks and more.


Optional display of federal public land boundaries on topographical maps helps you know that you’re venturing where you’re supposed to be.

Montana 700Montana 700

Montana 700Montana 700

Montana 700Montana 700


Use direct-to-device downloads of BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (no annual subscription required) to see photo-realistic views and create waypoints based on landmarks.


Navigate your next trail with ABC sensors, including an altimeter for elevation data, barometer to monitor weather and 3-axis electronic compass.


Use cellular connectivity (when paired to a compatible smartphone) to access up-to-date Active Weather forecasts through the Garmin Connect app.

Montana 700Montana 700

Take it hiking.

Take it hunting.

Take it off-grid.

Specification: Garmin Montana 700, Rugged GPS Handheld, Routable Mapping for Roads and Trails, Glove-Friendly 5″ Color Touchscreen

Product Dimensions

8.54 x 5.9 x 3.26 inches

Item Weight

1.48 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Customer Reviews

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Best Sellers Rank

#22,157 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #60 in Handheld GPS Units

Wireless communication technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, ANT+, Wi-Fi

Special Features

Routable Topo Maps; Multiple GNSS Networks, ABC Sensors; BirdsEye Satellite Imagery; IPX7 Rated and Shock Resistant

Display resolution

480 x 800

Other display features


Device interface - primary




Included Components

Montana 700; Lithium-ion battery pack; USB cable; Documentation



Country of Origin


Date First Available

August 5, 2020

10 reviews for Garmin Montana 700, Rugged GPS Handheld, Routable Mapping for Roads and Trails, Glove-Friendly 5″ Color Touchscreen

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  1. Thomas W.

    Bought to update an old Garmin (GPSmap 60CS).The 700i is very fast to load and comes with a satellite based communication option with S.O.S. function. All of the other hightech interfaces with training and health applications are meaningless to me. Just the maps, please.

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  2. Ian C.Ian C.

    I got this for my upcoming off grid trekking and i’m very happy. I am from South East Asia and this unit is a North America set, but no problem i was able to install Open Topo Maps for this. A bit bulky but feature packed. I also have the Garmin Explorer + and i’m loving both especially the inreach feature.FYI, make sure to only install maximum 32gb of SD card, I tried putting my 64 GB and the maps i installed are not viewable on my Montana. When I replaced it with a 32GB SD card, it worked like a charm. In fairness, garmin mentioned to use upto maximum 32gb.All in all good purchase. Reasonable delivery period as well.I paired it with a TUSITA Silicone case and TUSITA screen protector, it fits very well. gotta protect this rugged but expensive thing.

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  3. R Wyatt

    Touch screen, color screen, multiple apps and selection. I cant wait to use it beyond my back yard.

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  4. Cubette

    My husband has been using a Montana 660 and the Inreach GPS when we hike or ride our Razor. This unit puts both units in one. The screen is larger and is so much brighter outside. My husband is super excited about the unit. We will be taking it out hiking soon. We love having the Inreach capability with us in case of emergency.

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  5. Mark Forester

    I didn’t expect the physical form factor but that is not major problem. The instructions need work.

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  6. John McKenna

    I primarily use this for hiking & backpacking, but since I own a serious off road SUV, I can now use this for overland treks in the Jeep along with everything else. I added the US 24K Topo micro SD card cause the TopoActive maps that are preloaded were just ok, but I prefer the added relief and detail that one gets with 24K. I got the unit up & running and I was out the door to test it out at my favorite local hiking spot in no time. I’m extremely familiar with Garmin GPS products so the ecosystem is the same platform across all devices. I love the huge screen and the battery life is excellent. I’d heard some rumors that it wasn’t but I’ve had mine running all day on just a 40% charge so no worries. For backpacking I’ll likely purchase one of those portable lithium ion power supplies that you can charge your phone on etc. You can also set it on a powersave mode that will extend the battery life. Obviously, in the first few weeks your going to be fiddling with this monster a lot exploring the different sub menus, planning trips, gawking at maps, customizing menus etc. So it will likely take its toll on the battery but of course you won’t be mucking about with it nearly that much when your out on the trail, or running your quad, side-by-side, motorcycle etc. It really is the one do it all GPS from Garmin. If your JUST hiking or backpacking, then you may want to consider the Garmin 66i, as that model is made just for that. However, once you get a chance to use this huge screen,…… your gonna be hooked!

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  7. Sam P

    Highly complex takes a lot of time learning how to use it. One of the bad things is there’s no user manual that comes with it. You have to go online and download it and print it from Garmin. U-Tube has a lot of video’s on how to use it. Overall it’s a great unit once you learn it. Give yourself a couple of weeks to master it

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  8. Marc T.

    Ok, that headline is kind of a “grabber” line, only because you have to be the one to decide if it’s really worth it or not, but let’s talk about it a bit. Especially on an item this expensive, I wouldn’t dare, not do my homework, reading as many reviews and articles as possible. Heck, I do that on a hundred dollar item. If your really versed on GPS units, it shouldn’t take you as long as I did, to make a decision on what you might need or be willing to pay for. If your a greenhorn, I’d certainly read some articles comparing all the different features on a number of different GPS units, especially when it comes to price. Of course your gonna get more features with more money paid, in most cases, but especially with GPS, I’d ask the questions: What do I really need and what am I willing to pay for. Ok….As for myself, I’m never gonna go on a hike where I know I could get really lost, without taking a compas and a paper map. I know from experience, that things can go wrong–you’re battery can go bad, the unit can break, or get lost, or much more probably the case: you get in a deep vally with a bunch of over growth and your signal runs out, for the time being. On the other hand, this GPS is the cat’s meow in my opinion. I’m not sure I wouldn’t use this more than my map and compass, partly because of all the things it does and partly because it’s just that much fun. I’m not gonna go over all the features, because you can read that on the spec sheet from Garmin, but some of the standout stuff for me, I’d like to talk about. I know it’s more bulkey than the other units, but that’s not a deal breaker for me, because I love the beautiful, real glass, (I believe) touch screen. It seems very bright. I downloaded the 7.5 minute maps of the west coast, (California, etc.), and to me, they’re plenty clear enough. They have 40 foot countour lines, which is the same as the topo maps I download on the USGS website, I believe. When using the compass feature, you can set a projected point, even adding a distance on it, and if you get off course, it’ll show you by a break in the arrow line, which way your off. Just move over and get back on the line and your good. You can also set a projected waypoint, which no matter where you go you can set a course back to it. I’m talking about maybe having to cross a river and having to go out of your way to a bridge and then find your way back to the waypoint you set across the river before you detoured to the bridge. I love the free software called base camp. You can go on it, set your map type preference, (even the 7.5 minute) Then you set your route up, all your waypoints, etc. After that it’s a sinch to send it right into your Montana 700i. or whatever unit you have. You can also send a route you set up or did on your Montana, into the base camp where you can review it. You can search for names, or addresses or points of interest, or other things right on the unit. One other nice feature, is when you mark a waypoint, if you need to use a custom waypoint, for whatever reason, you can just type your longitude and latitude right over the waypoint one, and save it to whatever name you want. This would be great for search and rescue, if you had that info. I almost forgot about possibly one of the most important features, which carried a lot of weight for me, deciding which unit to buy. SOS. It’s for real. You can lock into these special satalites, worldwide, and they will come and rescue you. In order to use this feature, you need to subscribe to the serivce, but I got the safety one, set up at the cheapest price. It’ somewhere around $15. a month or so. You can of course get the more robust subscription, but it’s gonna cost more. With this service, you can also send messages to anyone’s email. This could also get you help, possibly without having to use the full blown SOS feature. They can also respond back to you. The nice thing about this in Reach, feature, is that it all goes on a satalite, so you don’t need Wi Fi to use it. It’ll work anywhere your GPS will work. I will say, that some of the user guide got a little wonkey, now and then, but for the most part it was very concise and readable. I know I probably didn’t need the compass and altimiter features, and could have saved money buying a cheaper unit, but in order to get the SOS feature, you need to cough up the cash. It’s only available on a few of the higher end units. So far, I very happy with the GPS. I hope I did mention that it is the Montana 700i that I purchaced. I just didn’t want to spill out the extra “beans” for the 750 model which has the camera too. I hope this helps you in making your decision. Marc Trainor.”

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Garmin really stepped up with this 700i. Night and day difference between the 680 and the 700. Bigger screen, Bluetooth, WiFi, glass screen and super fast! Now I need to learn how to fully use to get the most out of it. Lol

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  10. Jim Craig

    Of course everything in life is a compromise. This is heavier than its predecessors, and it isn’t cheap.It’s ideal for an ATV, motorcycle, hunting, etc. it has all of the outdoor capabilities built right into it, like dog tracking, heart monitor, cadence for bicycles, etc.The interface is certainly the easiest of the inReach thus far. Another big plus is the fact that it has a swappable battery.It’s certainly heavier then the previous versions of inReach, but of course it’s larger so that only makes sense.I’m sure not long down the road these things will become thinner, faster, etc., but as I said, right now this is the big cheese. The only thing that is missing is voice recognition.The only negative I have is the camera is almost worthless. I think we’ve become spoiled with the quality of photos on our smart phones, but the resolution on this is pretty bad. For me that’s not a big deal, because I don’t know that I would’ve ever used it anyway.

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    Garmin Montana 700, Rugged GPS Handheld, Routable Mapping for Roads and Trails, Glove-Friendly 5″ Color Touchscreen
    Garmin Montana 700, Rugged GPS Handheld, Routable Mapping for Roads and Trails, Glove-Friendly 5″ Color Touchscreen


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