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BOSS Audio Systems R1004 4 Channel Car Amplifier – Riot Series, 400 Watts, Full Range, Class A/B, 2 Ohm Stable, IC (Integrated Circuit) Great for Car Speakers and Car Stereos


About this item Power – 100 Watts Max x 4 @2-Ohms, 50 Watts Max x 4 @4-Ohms Class A/B Topology – Class ‘A’ amplifiers have enormous amount of current flowing through its output transistors with no audio signal. Class ‘B’ amplifiers have no current flowing through its outputs with no audio signal Full Range – With a Full Range amplifier you not only have the option to run your speakers, but also your subwoofers Variable Gain Control – The gain control is not for adjusting volume. It simply adjusts the amount of signal that is coming from your receiver and going to your amplifier Low & High Level Inputs – A low level (RCA) input is measured in voltages. A high level (+/- wire) input is measured in wattages. Both essentially carry signal from your receiver to your amplifier to your speakers Specs – Dimensions: 7.8” x 9” x 2”, Weight: 3.1 lbs. Warranty – BOSS Audio Systems provides a powerful 6-year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty so long as the purchase is made through We strongly encourage professional installation of this product to ensure proper and safe functionality



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BOSS Audio Systems R1004 4 Channel Car Amplifier – Riot Series, 400 Watts, Full Range, Class A/B, 2 Ohm Stable, IC (Integrated Circuit) Great for Car Speakers and Car Stereos

From the manufacturer

Clear Sound

Get clear sound on the trails with the Boss Audio R1004 4 Channel Class A/B Amplifier. With 400 Watts Max Power and MOSFET power supply, this 2-Ohm Amplifier gives your music a boost. Amplifiers in the Riot Series are perfect for first time car audio buyers looking for enhanced sound and performance for their system at an affordable price.

  • Class A/B 4-Channel, MOSFET Power Supply
  • 400 Watts @2-Ohm Max Power
  • 200 Watts @4-Ohm Max Power
  • High and Low Level Inputs
  • Switchable Input Sensitivity
  • Power LED Indicator
  • Conformal Coated PCB
  • Dimensions: 7 3/4″ (L) x 9″ (W) x 2″ (H)

Mosfet and Class A/B

Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors quickly switch from full to non-conduction for high efficiency output.

Our Class-A/B amplifiers feature specific linear circuitry that increases sound quality and power output while reducing distortion and improving efficiency.

2 Ohm Stable and High and Low Level Inputs

2-Ohm stable comfortably powers speakers or subwoofers when in use at 2-Ohms, resulting in more power and volume.

High-level inputs accept speaker output signals and low-level inputs accept pre-amp output signals to allow for the addition of amps and processors to standard factory or aftermarket source units.

Switchable Input Sensitivity

Switchable input sensitivity provides adjustable control over the input signal from the head unit to achieve customized balance between power and sound quality.

Short Protection

Automatic shut-off protects the amplifier if it gets too hot or if speakers fail causing a short.




Channels 4 4 4 4
Bridgeable Yes Yes Yes No
Max Power 1600W 1200W 1000W 400W
Low Pass Filter Variable Variable Variable No
High Pass Filter Fixed Fixed Fixed No
Bass Boost Yes Yes Yes No
Remote Subwoofer Control Yes Yes Yes No
Inputs High and Low Level High and Low Level High and Low Level High and Low Level
Dimensions L15.44″ x W10.44″ x H2.25″ L12.28″ x W10.44″ x H2.25″ L10.72″ x W10.44″ x H2.25″ L7.75″ x W9″ x H2″

Specification: BOSS Audio Systems R1004 4 Channel Car Amplifier – Riot Series, 400 Watts, Full Range, Class A/B, 2 Ohm Stable, IC (Integrated Circuit) Great for Car Speakers and Car Stereos

Product Dimensions

7.8 x 9 x 2 inches

Item Weight

3.1 pounds



Item model number


Customer Reviews

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Best Sellers Rank

#2,103 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #1 in Car Mono Amplifiers

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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Included Components

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Date First Available

March 15, 2011

10 reviews for BOSS Audio Systems R1004 4 Channel Car Amplifier – Riot Series, 400 Watts, Full Range, Class A/B, 2 Ohm Stable, IC (Integrated Circuit) Great for Car Speakers and Car Stereos

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  1. Cameron Boyce

    Obviously there are hundreds to thousands of reviews on this “400” watt 4 channel amp, but with all that in mind, I decided to purchase this for a Lincoln SUV to give the factory speakers an extra boost. Arrived within 2 days, took me about 30-45 minutes to install (wiring was already in place from a previous project) and I have to say I’m honestly impressed. Now it’s definitely not 400 watts or anything close to that as far as power output goes, but it definitely pumps the speakers up so they sound nice and clean. At first I had this amp powering up 4 Boss 5×7″ 3-way speakers, and those sounded terrible but that was the speakers, not the amp. Put the factory 6x8s back in and WOW it sounds good. I didn’t notice ANY alternator whine, feedback, buzzing, or any other noises that other reviewers had pointed out. This amp has been installed for about a month now, I waited to leave a review so I could see how it held up over the last month. So far, so good. Especially at this price? Definitely recommend!

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  2. Jamison

    ***UPDATE 8/4/18***I went mudding a week ago and accidentally sank my jeep in a pond 🙃 Completely flooded the floor of my interior and soaked the amp, luckily it was off. A couple days later I ripped the entire interior out and washed it out really good, like literally washed the inside of my jeep with a hose. I figured the amp had already been soaked what more harm could I do. Got everything back together after drying out, fired up the jeep, turned the stereo on and BAM! Perfect sound quality. If it can get soaked twice and still work I think that says something.*end of update*Did you know, that running your power lead in close proximity to your audio cables can cause loss of sound clarity, distortion, and you guessed it, alternator whine?! I’ve had to fix plenty of botched installs due to this. I did a little test and ran my audio cables directly next to my 4g power lead going to both my amps. Heavy whine and almost no signal clarity. Re routed my cables to run on the opposite side of my power lead and wow! Signal was clear, bassy, and no alternator whine.This amp is phenomenal and woke up the old Bose speakers I pulled out of a 2001 Pontiac GTP (2ohms at 50 watts RMS, give or take). I drive a Jeep Wrangler TJ and space is precious, so I can’t have big amps and fancy subs. This fit under my driver seat perfectly and cranks some serious audio to my speakers, even with the top down. Great price for a quality low budget system and I get lots of compliments from friends. GREAT AMP!!!

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  3. H

    The sound quality is absolutely amazing. Install was quick and easy, and it is nice and compact. Wish I replaced my Dual AMP years ago!!

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  4. chrisben

    I just want to start with that I love that the amp lights up. I installed this unit in my 2000 BMW z3. I put it behind the passenger seat. You can’t really see it unless you move the seat forward a little, but it’s a cool touch.Pretty decent size unit. For my instal I completely bypassed the factory amp, and re-ran wire from the amp to the four speakers that exist in the car. I just set it up for left and right, the cars a two seater anyways, I don’t need a front and rear setting (I used very high quality brand new pioneer speakers all around).The sound quality is insane. I ran this unit off my pioneer head unit. It gets very loud and keeps the sound quality flawlessly.Definitely worth the purchase!!

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  5. Sean C

    I’m a professional golf cart technician and I installed this amp on my personal golf cart. My setup consists of a Kenwood car stereo receiver (KMM-BT322) and four Kenwood 6.5″ speakers (KFC-1665S). I was going after a budget system and this whole package cost only about $170, and that’s including a four channel amp wiring kit that I also bought here on Amazon. I installed the amp and radio directly wired to a 12V auxiliary battery on the golf cart. If you try to run this through a DC/DC drop down converter or to two of the golf cart batteries, you will get lots of interference noise with carts motor, controller, etc. Anyways, this amp ROCKS!!! The sound is excellent, and after tuning the EQ a little bit to take away some of the low frequencies that cause a little distortion, I have the system dialed in to play any genre of music loud and clear. This little amp really puts out noticeable power compared to just using the head units speaker outputs. The unit is also very small and easy to conceal. Overall, very satisfied with the purchase, and for the price you can’t beat it. I’ll definitely look for this amp again when I do another big custom golf cart build!

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  6. eric dickman

    definitely worth to get for the price. it lasted much longer than i thought it would(3 years) and allowed me to play my music almost full blast with very little distortion(4 speakers at 2x125w and 2x320w). i would definitely recommend.

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  7. N

    On first install , I thought I needed to return it cause channel 3 was DEAD like some other people mentioned, BUT on My channel 3, I found that the screw holding down channel 3 seemed to not tighten like the others , swapped it out with a PC screw had lying around and boom there was my Channel 3. Sound Quality : I cant really judge other than these 2 opinions : 1: its louder than my Head unit, 0 noise. 2: It Works! for the price unbeatable! ( Just keep in mind what your buying and what youll do with it.) Example: ME? 4x cheap 3way 6.5 speakers 30$, This little Amp 30$, Amp Wire kit $10, Sub 10$(will be powered by the head unit only not this amp). All from Amazon, All prime. Extra 14g speaker wire was needed bought locally $15.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    fantastic amp for the price. very well made and amazing sound. the picture shows my set up. all boss equipment except for a few items. speakers,amps and everything else purchased on Amazon. fast shipping and great prices.

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  9. AllanP

    I was running the stock speakers in my vehicle with a grossly underpowered double-din Anrdoid stereo, I also purchased from Amazon. The stereo on it’s own was lacking in power, and my stock speakers were blown. I installed this amp (BOSS Riot – R3002) in my truck to push power to a pair of Boss Elite 6.5″ speakers and a pair of Boss Elite 5 3/4″ speakers. I’m pleased with the combination – it sounds so much better than before. The amp speaker combination can stand on it’s own.Later, I will be adding the Boss Riot 1200 watt amp ( R6002) with a pair of Boss Phantom 10″ subwoofers in a custom box, for more bass in my setup.

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  10. Natalia

    The amplifier 400 watts 4 channels is nice for a small amplification, you know if you are looking just for to change your regular series sound, it’s perfect. But I recommended to use speakers no more than 50 rms watts if you want a clear sound and no a flip. I tried the 400 watts amplifier for my wife and she is happy with this. But for me I took the 1600 watts 4 channels amplifier, with 100 rms watts speakers and this combination was really perfect, the amplifier is working perfectly, the sound is great, some people waiting bad reviews about this but I think they are using the amplifier incorrectly with the wrong rms watts speakers, I always recommend to use one amplifier 50 % more rms watts that your speakers. Example. If your speakers are 100 rms watts, you must to use an amplifier 150 watts rms by channel.

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    BOSS Audio Systems R1004 4 Channel Car Amplifier – Riot Series, 400 Watts, Full Range, Class A/B, 2 Ohm Stable, IC (Integrated Circuit) Great for Car Speakers and Car Stereos
    BOSS Audio Systems R1004 4 Channel Car Amplifier – Riot Series, 400 Watts, Full Range, Class A/B, 2 Ohm Stable, IC (Integrated Circuit) Great for Car Speakers and Car Stereos


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