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BOSS Audio OX3KD Class D Car Amplifier – 3000 Watts, 1 Ohm Stable, Digital, Monoblock, MOSFET Power Supply

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BOSS Audio OX3KD Class D Car Amplifier – 3000 Watts, 1 Ohm Stable, Digital, Monoblock, MOSFET Power Supply

Product Description

Get a Little BASS In Your Space

Enjoy superior stability and sound with the BOSS Audio Onyx OX3KD Monoblock Class D Amplifier. With 3000 Watts Max Power and MOSFET power supply, this Amplifier offers stable, powerful Bass for your playlists. Customize the sound with Variable Low Pass Crossover, Variable Bass Boost, Variable Subsonic Filter, Phase Control and Remote Subwoofer Control. Strap this Amplifier to another OX3KD for double the performance. When space is limited but your passion for great sound is not, Onyx Amplifiers with blue illuminated logo are just what the doctor ordered to power up your music and get your heartbeat racing.

  • Class D, Monoblock
  • MOSFET Power Supply
  • 3000 Watts @1-Ohm x 1 Channel MAX Power
  • 1500 Watts @2-Ohms x 1 Channel Max Power
  • 750 Wats @4-Ohms x 1 Channel Max Power
  • 6000 Watts @2-Ohms x 1 Channel Max Strapped Power
  • High and Low Level Inputs
  • Thermal overload speaker and short protection
  • Power and protection LEDs
  • Master / Slave Switch
  • Phase Shift Selector
  • Variable Subsonic Filter
  • Variable Low Pass Crossover
  • Variable Bass Boost
  • Variable Input Gain Control
  • Input Sensitivity Selector
  • Dimensions: L 12.3 x W 7 x H 2.3
  • Weight: 6.7 Lbs.
  • Remote Subwoofer Control





Class D

Class-D amps run more efficiently and generate more power using a more compact design than traditional Class A/B amps.


Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors quickly switch from full to non-conduction for high efficiency output.

Strapping Capability

Strap two amplifiers together to get double the power at an impedance of 2-Ohms.

1 Ohm Stable

1-Ohm stable gives you maximum power for superior wattage and performance without overheating. The greater the power the more current drawn from your vehicle’s electrical system.





Variable Low Pass Filter

Variable low-pass filter gives you control over the frequencies that pass through to the subwoofer.

Subsonic Filter

Subsonic filter restricts low-frequencies below the specified setting for better subwoofer protection and performance.

Subwoofer Level Control

A wired remote lets you easily control the subwoofer level for customized output and superior sound.

Bass Boost

Variable Bass Boost allows you to adjust the low bass within the boost range to just the way you like it.





Low Level Inputs

Low-level inputs accept pre-amp output signals to allow for the addition of amps and processors to units equipped with RCA Pre-amp outputs.

Variable Input Control

The Variable Input Control allows the amplifier input to match the output signal from the head unit to achieve optimum performance when adjusted properly.

Phase Control

Phase control lets you adjust the speaker phase with the amplifier if your speakers or subwoofer are hooked up ‘out of phase’.

Switchable Input Sensitivity

Switchable input sensitivity provides adjustable control over input signal from the head unit to achieve customized balance between power and sound quality.


Power Input Terminals

When installing all Boss Audio Systems amplifiers, it is important to use the MAXIMUM gauge of wire that the power terminals will accommodate. For instance, if an amplifier has 4-gauge power and ground terminals, use high quality 4-gauge multi-strand copper wire to make your power connections. This maximizes the amplifier’s ability to draw the required power upon demand. This also helps prevent overheating that could cause failure. ALWAYS make sure your vehicle’s electrical system is capable of handling the current demands from any after-market accessory.

Please refer to the amplifier’s owner’s manual for correct wire gauge sizes.



Fuses protect BOTH the amplifier and the electrical system of your vehicle from faulty conditions.

If you must replace a fuse on the amplifier, always use a fuse of exactly the same type and rating of the one you are replacing. A different type of fuse or rating may result in damage or cause a fire. Please refer to your owner’s manual for reference on fuse size and type.

If you plan on using multiple amplifiers in your system, be certain that you have the appropriately sized gauge wire to accommodate the current demands for all amplifiers and that the wire is fused correctly at the battery. Connect an empty fuse holder within 18″ (45 cm) of the car battery and run a 4-gauge (or heavier) cable from this fuse to the amplifier location. A fused distribution block is recommended when using several amplifiers or accessories.


Proper Grounding

Proper grounding is essential for any electric accessory in a vehicle.

Some key points to remember: Keep the ground as short as possible. Connect the amplifier’s power ground terminal to the closest point on the chassis of the car. Keep this ground wire to less than 39″ (100 cm) in length. Use 4-gauge (or heavier) wire. Scrape any paint away, use a star washer to “bite” into the metal and secure it tightly using a grounding lug.

Any steps that aren’t followed properly will result in a higher resistance at the ground point, causing unnecessary heat, high current draw, and potentially damaging the electrical accessories in the vehicle.


Gain / Input Sensitivity

The “Gain” or “Input Sensitivity” selectors on an amplifier are not to be mistaken for a volume setting. This setting allows users to match the gain from the source unit.

To set these selectors properly, you must “defeat” any processing on your source unit. In other words, make sure Bass, Treble, and Subwoofer levels are set to “0” on your source unit before adjusting the gain or input sensitivity selector on your amplifier.

Specification: BOSS Audio OX3KD Class D Car Amplifier – 3000 Watts, 1 Ohm Stable, Digital, Monoblock, MOSFET Power Supply

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

12.3 x 7 x 2.3 inches; 6.5 Pounds

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February 25, 2019

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#31 in Car Mono Amplifiers

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BOSS Audio OX3KD Class D Car Amplifier – 3000 Watts, 1 Ohm Stable, Digital, Monoblock, MOSFET Power Supply
BOSS Audio OX3KD Class D Car Amplifier – 3000 Watts, 1 Ohm Stable, Digital, Monoblock, MOSFET Power Supply


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